Louis POV:

I watched as she stormed off. When i saw her face when Niall accused her of cheating, it broke my heart. It looked like she was going to burst into tears. Which she probably is doing now.

"What the hell Niall!" I shouted at him, throwing my hands in the air angrily.

"What does that mean? Tell me Lou! Did she cheat on me? Did you watch her or did you join her and have a foursome?" He screamed back.

"Yes Niall! She cheated on you with Andrew and Asher, who by the way, ARE GAY!" I spat and stomped to my room.

I could here her sobbing badly in my room. That poor thing.

I knocked on the door. "Holl, love? Can you open the door please?" I asked softly. I heard feet making their way to the door, and then I was yanked in.

She quickly locked the door back, and ran into my arms. She started crying harder and her whole body was shaking. I pulled her to the bed and layed her down and she curled up next to me.

"It's okay love. Ni is just being a asswipe. He will get over it soon." I told her. She seemed to understand what I meant because her tears stopped but she was still sniffling.

"Lou. Why did he do that?" She asked me. I didn't reply, because honestly, I didn't know. I just stroked her hair and soon she fell asleep.

I gently pushed her off of me and she whimpered, but went to sleep. I walked to my desk and grabbed my phone.

3 miss calls from Liam, 11 from Harry, 4 from Zayn and none from Niall. Isn't that surprising. I deleted the miss calls and decided to call Eleanor.

"Hello?" She said sleepily.

"Sorry love. But I just wanted to call you. I'm sorry I didn't earlier. I was comforting Hollis."

"What happened? Is she okay?"

"Physically, Yes. Mentally, no. Her and Niall just broke up. She won't talk to any of the lads except me."

"That little bi- wait. Why did they break up?" She questioned.

"It's for her to tell. But Niall accused her of cheating. He even asked if I joined."

"I'll talk to her. Maybe we could hang out?"

"Sure babe! You can meet Asher and Andrew. They are super nice and hilarious." I smiled.

"Falling in love, are we?" She teased. I laughed.

"Only you, Elle. Only you. Goodnight. I love you."

"I love you too Lou. Night."

I hung up and I crawled in the bed and wrapped my arms around Hollis, who started shaking. I closed my eyes.

"You really love her huh?" A sleepy Hollis asked. I chuckled and answered, "You have no idea." She smiled and we drifted to sleep.


Hollis POV

It's been a week since Niall and I have broken up, and I'm still camping out in my room. The second day, while the boys were out doing interviews and photo shoots, I ran to Niall and I's room and took all the things I needed.

Thank God for Lou's room. It has it's own bathroom, so I don't have to go outside just to shower. Louis has been so kind to me lately. He brings me food, and keeps me updated on everything. I haven't take to any of the other boys, or my best friends yet. I don't want their sympathy.

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