Chapter 2

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Paul Richardson. Such a flirt,and so dreamy people say. But also my ex boyfriend. We were good for each other,but he randomly broke it off,breaking my heart into a million pecies. I loved him,or well i thought i did.

"Can we put the past behind us?" He asked.

I glared at him. "Oh how you broke my heart? Yeah sure i could forget it," I snapped with my fingers. "Just. Like. That. Its just that easy." I said sarcasticly.

"Glad to know." He chuckled. "Listen im so sorry. I had no idea what i was thinking. Leaving you. Please can i have another chance?" He said all serious.

"Can we just start?" I rolled my eyes.

"Think about it." He winked.


"I.Will.Kill.Him." I was talking to Jackson.

"Dude. Chill." He said. "Dimond is obviously not falling for him."

We looked over. Dimond kept rolling her eyes.

"Okay. But if he tries ANYTHING, ill kill him." I said.

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