I Just Need Some Advice.

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About an hour later, I walked down the stairs to the kitchen to get some breakfast. My sister was still asleep and my mom had already gone to work.

She had left a note on the fridge, ‘Not going to be home ‘til late. your dad will take your sister to school. Just worry about yourself for today’, and worry about myself I did.

I still couldn’t remember the dream but I sure did remember the Literal wet daydream. “You’re gonna have to succumb to these feelings soon. It’s junior year, man. Just do it.” I whispered to myself through bites of Fruityringies (weird cereal name, right?).

I finished my cereal, rinsed the bowl and grabbed my backpack. I grabbed the keys to the CrapMobile, I had started calling my small dark honda that when I first got it, and started the engine. It’s way too early to go to school now, I thought, where should I go? I needed to talk to someone. Tell someone what had happened this morning and hear some advice. So I texted Jonah

Dude. You awake? –JC

Yes. I’ve been up since 5. –JE

Me too. Why have you been up? –JC

I just woke up. It was weird but I couldn’t go back to sleep. So I’m playing pokemon to pass the time. –JE

I woke up in a panic… -JC

Why? Did Johnny boy get a bad dream? –JE

Shut up. I don’t know. It felt weird though. I can’t even remember the dream. Can I go to your house, dude? –JC

Yeah, sure.  My parents aren’t home, went to go visit a family member for a couple days. –JE

Okay, I’ll be there in like 10 minutes. -JC

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