When Carlos left last night he seemed annoyed. I decided to ask him about that at school. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, did my hair, & then ate breakfast. I got in my car & was on my way to school.

Carlos was also my Gym teacher. I took this as an opportunity to talk to him about last night.

"Hey Carlos"

"Oh hey...Nicole"

"Why are you so upset all of a sudden? You seemed annoyed last night& I wanna know if I did something wrong."

"..you did nothing wrong. Its stupid. Just forget about it."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes now go on & warm up for our exercise."

" O..Kay"

I ran back to where the other girls were & started doing my warm ups. Some were jealous of me because I knew Carlos. I didnt really see why they were jealous he was just human. & I gotta admit he is good looking & all but he's just a normal person.

We played flag football & ran around the track 4 times. It was a good workout. Well at least for me haha.

I changed back into my regular school clothes & the rest of the classes went by fast. Carlos decided he should bring me home form school everyday. I told him he didn't have to but he insisted. I finally gave in because I knew he wouldn't stop insisting.

When we arrived I asked him if he wanted to come in.

"Uhm.. I can't today. Im a little busy. Maybe some other day? "

"Yeah sure that's fine. Thanks for the ride."

"No problem"

& with that I closed the door & left.

*Carlos' POV*

When Nicole asked me why I was so upset this morning I couldn't tell her I was jealous. Yes I was jealous that that Austin kid would fall for her& take her away from me. We arent dating or anything so i had no reason to be mad at her or him. She's extremely drop dead gorgeous & really sweet. Any guy would be lucky to have her. But the problem is I want to be that guy. I know I'm crazy cause I'm dating her mom but I feel like Nicole & I have a connection. She may not notice but I do. Every time she looks at me I go weak. Yes we're a few years apart but we could make it work right? In love age doesn't matter. But the only problem here is that I don't know if she likes me or not. She seems to into Austin to even notice me. But that's why I'm asking to go with her on Saturday to Meet that Austin Mahone kid. I don't want him touching my baby. I know I'm being selfish but she will be mine & only mine. I'm ready to turn on the charm & try to make her jealous. Maybe she'll fall for me too.

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