The Surprise

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Okay GUISEE!! the part after this one if the last one =( its my favorite chapter you will see why. message for you at the end of the story.

Three days later lani walks into school. She sees people looking at her weird. She pushes it off because it might be what she is wearing. She has knee high white converse, black leggings, an over sized white shirt and a black belt on her waist. On her locker is a hibiscus, she pulls it off and smiles. She wonders what her favorite flower is doing  taped to her locker. When she opens her locker a bunch of papers fall out. She grabs them and sees its a bunch of letters. She doesn't read them but the grabs them and places them back neatly. Its a theatre day so she’ll read them later. As she closes her locker she is handed a pink rose from her best friend. Prissy leads her down the hall. As they walk every one hands her a rose. On each rose it says a different word. 'Beautiful, amazing, smart.' As they continue to walk she is handed different flowers, but she doesn't realise they have different words. When she gets to her class door she is confused and doesn't want to walk in.

Prissy pushes her in and bubbles are blown around her. Lani laughs and is leaded by two guys to a seat in the middle. She looks forward and sees her two best friends. Prissy and jacob stand there. "Hello lani. This has been planned for you. We have something you must watch. Something has been provided." Jacob says, then moves her arm. Trish walks to lani and hands her a coldstones cup. Lani looks at it and instantly knows who it is. In the cup is pistachio ice cream with almonds and cherries. "Lani, this message has also been sent with a lunch provided. Can we get the lights"" prissy smiles and turns the laptop toward me. I look around and see my teacher in the back smiling.

"Hello? Can you hear me." Lanis head snaps around as she hears that oh so familiar voice she loved. "Hi." Lani whispers. He smiles and looks down. "Well I did all this for you. It was short notice but isn't it nice. All the flowers. And the lunch." "And the ice cream and flower petals and bubbles. It is amazing" ryan raises an eyebrow "the ice cream was supposed to be with your lunch. Oh no." Lani laughs. "Well, the two days we spent together was amazing." "FANTABULOUS!" Lani says laughing. "When I saw you I thought you was some weirdo. A loner maybe. Who stays in the theatre while there is intermission." Prissy and jacob managed to conect the smart board. "But something about you caught me. Your eyes. Your eyes are normal brown eyes but something about them says so much ." He looks in the room. "Where is your teacher?"

"In the back" lani answers. He nods and holds up a paper. ' I have a question for you.' Lani nods and he smiles. " you are absolutley amazing. You make me feel amazing and show me things I would never see before. My heart flutters and and melt. I want to know if, after high school when you move to california. Jeez this is tough." His cheeks turn bright pink and he smiles. "Will you like to show me more. Take me places you've been and help me see the world for them better. To see things I never recognized.” Lanis face falls and she looks at him with confusion in her eyes. “When you come to california, will you like to be my girlfriend?" tears begin to  unwillingly flow out of lani's eyes. She smiles and speaks silently. "I would love it, but why will you wait for me?" "You are beyond your years. Any guy is a fool to give up something so great." Lani finally stops crying and smiles. "Why aren't you learning?" "I have a performance day today. So we don't really learn." He nods and holds something up. "This is a ring. I promise to wait for you. When we can finally be together I promise to protect you and experience new things together. Do you promise to wait for me?" Prissy walks to her with a matching ring. She nods and smiles. "What finger do I put it on?" Lani asks laughing. "Ring finger. I'm going to let you go now. Goodbye sweetheart."

He cuts off his camera and lani looks at the flowers. 'Central park, madison sq garden, amazing, story, lyrical' says the tags on the roses. Each has something important about their two days on it. She stands and looks around. "Thank you guys for the short notice. Thank you so much." She starts hugging people when they hear someone clear their throat. "Well alani-" "its lani. My name is lani." "Well that was something. Class, For the next 20 minutes I want you to write about something that impacted your life. You cannot use this guys." Her teacher leans down and whispers in her ear, “that was very have something good there.”

did you enjoy? i just realised that the whole rose thing was kinda like the glee proposal BUTT... yeah.

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