Scarlet Love: Chapter 17: Heart Wrenching

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My head had started hurting after two hours into the drive.

"Father do we have anything for headaches in here?" I asked.

"No, you have one?" He replied.

"Yeah," I said.

"It's fine, that means your memories are going to start coming in," he responded.

"Oh.." I said and looked out the window.

We were in the middle of nowhere. All I could see were trees everywhere that looked exactly like the one next to them. They were all the same! I hadn't seen any other car besides ours either, this road was like abandoned. I sighed and then a sharp pain found it's way to my whole head.

There were two people on the bridge as I walked across it. I stopped to watch them because for some reason they caught my interest.

"Scarlet, what are you doing.. HEY! WATCH OUT!" The man yelled.

I looked at the river,it was probably about fifty feet down, the girl that was leaning on the fence had fallen when I looked back at them. It wasn't surprising seeing as how the fence didn't look too sturdy. The man jumped after her, I walked closer to the edge to watch them fall. I caught a glance at the girl that was falling's face as her body slightly turned.

At that point in time I wasn't surprised that it was me. It must have been another memory. The girl had a big smile on her face like she was laughing. Then she hit the water and afterwards the man did too.

Right when I thought they drowned and weren't coming up, they popped up and the man started yelling at the girl, "What were you thinking!? Huh?! You could have gotten hurt! Quit smiling! This isn't funny, Scarlet! Jeez, what am I going to do with you?" He said as he sighed.

"But it was fun and I wouldn't get hurt, you would save me before then, right?" She said as she smiled gently at him.

The water was clear and beautiful, the man was looking at the girl and that's when I realized it was Ethan. I stared down at the two. So Ethan and I really do know each other? I snapped out of the memory and Aunt Clara was in the middle of saying something but I continued to zone her out and looked at Ethan. He looked back at me and smiled. So one thing I was sure of, Ethan was someone I knew.

So what about.. Dustin. I started thinking and looked towards him. Dustin looked bored out of his mind, he was resting his head on his fist close to the window and looking at the trees, probably listening to some screamo music since he had his headphones on.

I looked back at Ethan and asked him," so who is Dustin then?"

He hesitated for a moment, probably because he wasn't expecting that question at the time.

"Oh.. well like Jane is to you, Dustin is to me. He's my body guard I guess," Ethan said.

"Oh," I replied. It made sense, Dustin followed Ethan wherever he went most of the time.

Thinking of who Dustin was must have triggered something in my mind because another memory was making it's way in.

"Lord, please stop running around," a boy said, leaning down and holding his knees, trying to catch his breath.

"I'm trying to find Scarlet, have you seen her?" Ethan asked.

They were in some kind of garden, it looked peaceful there and it was definitely beautiful. The boy trying to catch his breath looked like Dustin but his hair was shorter. Dustin must've grown it out.

"Adam?" Ethan said in question if he was going to answer or not.

I was confused, why did he call him Adam?

"Y-yeah sorry, had to catch my breath. I saw her just a little while ago with Jaquel, they were walking towards uh.. where was it.. OH! They were going to the main building! Jaquel I think was told to bring Scarlet to her Father or something," the boy said.

"But Scarlet's Father isn't in the County right now?" Ethan said curiously.

He ran in the direction that the boy had came from and the boy followed him. I followed as well.

Ethan was a fast runner, no wonder why the boy was tired. He was probably about a hundred feet away when he ran inside a building. By the time I got there the place was a mess. I didn't know if it had already been like that before Ethan went in but I doubted it. Ethan was standing in a fighting position across from a man, there was a girl laughing her ass off in a corner.. which from what I heard must have been Jaquel? Then there was another girl, I think it was me.. yeah.. I was standing a little behind Ethan.

"You stay away from her you bitch," Ethan said fiercely.

I didn't get why he called him a bitch, what surprised me more was that it was my Father that he was calling that. Maybe Ethan wasn't really on my side?

"You're not her father, quit using his appearance! You disgrace him!" Ethan yelled.

"So you figured it out, huh? Smart ass boy, such a nuisance, I was having soo much fun," the man who looked like my Father said.

I was so confused by that time. This was a weird memory. Then I was totally shocked as I saw the man I thought was my Father transform into some lady with short red hair. My brain was a wreck after seeing that. Was my Father a girl?!

"Anna," Ethan growled her name, "what are you here for?! Is this Kane's doing?! He isn't getting Scarlet no matter what! So quit trying!"

"Now now dear. Don't get fresh with me and please.. I'd like you to call me mommy. Plus you're father would be sad hearing you call his name. Ohh you were such a sweet little child, he loved it when you called him daddy," she replied.

What was she talking about? Mommy? Daddy? Who was she.. and the Kane person as well...

The lady let a dark grin wipe across her face. I couldn't even see it, she was so fast, just a second later she was in front of Ethan ready to stab her hand straight through his heart. But the boy.. the boy was quicker than her, she pierced her hand through his heart, the tips of her nails barely touching the skin of Ethan.

"Adam.." Ethan whispered, also in shock.

The doors slammed open and that's when I really realized it. Dustin came running in, the two looked alike.. they must have.. been brothers.

"ADAM!" Dustin screeched, seeing what stood before him.

I caught myself looking down, my heart felt like it was being squeezed. For now.. I should leave this memory.. alone.

My eyes opened and I noticed the scenery had changed outside. We were on a bridge.. there was a big ocean spread across the horizon. I glanced over at Dustin.. just wondering.. how exactly did his heart feel at that time?

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