Chapter Fourteen

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[Chapter Fourteen]

(Elsie's P.O.V.)

   The breeze was growing faster and faster, whipping my hair from side to side. I swayed in my spot, pretending to be apart of the breeze. I knew too many people were figuring things out. Calming the agonizing voice in my head, I realized Gabriella needed to be gone sooner then later.

   It began to rain, the drops dripping gently on my skin, fading my thoughts into oblivion. I lifted my head so I was staring at the storm clouds brewing over head, this was a sign. A sign that drastic measure's had to occur.

   A voice suddenly interupted my thoughts, sending a chill up my spine, when I heard who it was. . . my dispicable probation officer. "Hello. Elsie." Jack Thompson smiled, grimly.

"Sorry, who are you?" I asked, flashing a smile bigger then Elsie would ever make.

"Excuse me?" he said, arching a barely noticable eyebrow.

"I'm her cousin. Gabriella. Elsie's out somewhere, can I help you?" I asked, adjusting my worn jeans.

He studied me for a minute before responding, "Right, and I'm Santa Claus." he placed his hands on his hips.

I pulled out Gabriella's wallet, and searched for identification. I found it, her perfectly identical face, plastered on her license. It would be such a shame, if she got pulled over, without it. I grinned at the thought, then flashed him her I.D.

His face became confused, and he looked from me back to her, then returned to my eyes. "Sorry, ma'mm. Do you know where I can find her?" he asked.

"Mmmm..." I thought for a moment, then gave a concerned expression, "See... I don't want to be a snitch or anything, but---" I paused, for dramatic effect.

Jack urged for me to continue, "She's a convicted criminal, miss. I need to know where she is, and what she does."

I looked at my fake nails, and then returned to meet his gaze, "She stole my car, and has been stealing money. I'd like to press charges, if that's okay?" I asked, giving a seductive pout.

He looked at his watch on his wrist, and sighed, "Look... I'll call a patrol car to arrest her. We'll go from there. All she'd get is a misdeameanor." he sighed, giving me a once over. "You two give me the creeps." he paused, "So scary, how much you look a like."

   I was offended for a moment, but then it quickly passed. "She's pretending to be me, sir." I paused, "She's stealing my identity, isn't that a felony?" I asked, batting my eyelashes.

"Miss Smith, we will see what the district attorney says." he sighed, and walked away calling someone on his cellphone.

"Fabulous acting, precious. You are wonderful." the voice returned.

"I wasn't acting. I am, Gabriella." I grinned.

   The thought of being Gabriella, made me incredibly happy. I would finally get everything that I wanted. A few more kills, and everything would fall perfectly into place.

   Thinking on my toes, I knew within minutes, Gabriella would be getting arrested. I decided it was only right, to go into her bedroom and mess up the entire thing, as if Elsie had ruined it all. Then, I would dress in her clothes, get all dolled up, so I would even fit the image of Gabriella, and fool everyone.

   I tossed her clothes everywhere, stole her jewelry, and threw it on my bed. If only I knew where she kept the 'Hate Book 101'. Everything would be perfect. Lucky for me Taylor had left after Gabriella had, so thankfully it would be so realistic.

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