Sweet Dreams

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My mind was still reeling from my kiss with Nathan. We joined the others in the pool, but he kept his arms around my waist. Lauren kept trying to get my attention but i couldn't seem to concentrate on anything but trying to breathe. Nathan nuzzled my neck and said "I really am glad you came tonight. Sarah you are amazing." Then he leaned over and kissed me again. Just then we got splashed and heard " You two really need to cool off!" Jay laughed as he splashed us again. "Bud out Asshat! I think I'm in love." Nathan said as he grabbed me and gave me a long passionate kiss. Once we separated Lauren applauded us " Looks like you got what you wanted for your birthday. Nathan I know u are the present she really wanted, can she unwrap you..." Before she could finish Max dunked her.

"I am so gonna kill you Max!" Lauren said, she grabbed his bald head and dunked him back. He pulled her under with him and when they surfaced they were both smiling. " Looks like Sarah and I aren't the only happy couple tonight." Nathan said as he looked at me and pointed to Max and Lauren who were holding hands underwater. They were smiling and couldn't take their eyes off each other.

We continued to play in the pool. Jay, Siva and Max were very competitive and had to race back and forth to see who was more manly. Max won and was rewarded with a kiss from Lauren. Jay wanted a rematch so Lauren said he came in second and gave him a peck on the cheek. Siva,Tom and Jay decided they wanted to get out and have some beers. Max and Lauren took off with a few beers and went out to the terrace to be alone. By the look of the way they were holding onto each other we wouldn't be seeing them for a long time.

Nathan took my hand and said " Do you want to go warm up in the hot tub. It will give us a chance to be alone." I looked into his eyes and knew I wanted nothing more. "Sure it sounds good to me." We got in and the water was really warm. Of course there was nothing hotter then Nathan wet and looking at me the way he was. I still thought someone should pinch me, cause it really didn't feel real. Nathan brought me back to reality "I hope you are enjoying yourself tonight. I wanted to do something special because you deserve it." He grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him. "I am having an amazing night. I was just thinking someone should pinch me cause i must be dreaming." He looked at me and before he could respond I leaned in and kissed him. He pulled me onto his lap and our kiss intensified. I loved how his mouth felt on mine, his lips were so strong and yet so gentle. I grabbed his hair and pulled him closer. Our wet bodies entwined and fit perfectly together. Our tongues found each other hungrily and we couldn't get close enough. It went on awhile my hands ran down his chest and i could feel his muscles. Suddenly he pulled back, " I don't want you to do anything you are not ready for. I really like you and I don't want to rush things."

"I like you too. I don't feel rushed, I am just happy to get to know you better. Why don't we dry off and get changed, then go somewhere and talk." I gave him a tender kiss and stood up. "I need a minute." He blushed. We walked back over to the others, Jay and Tom were drinking and talking. "Hey guys, where'd everyone go?" Jay replied "Siva went to call the Mrs. Max and your girl Lauren headed upstairs." Tom burst out laughing " Looks like they are gonna have their own private party."

Nathan said " We are gonna go change and grab something to eat. You guys wanna come?" Jay answered " Nah, take Sarah out for a nice romantic dinner. She deserves it." They both got up and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "See you in the morning." Tom said. "We will clean up and then we are gonna go to the bar for awhile, have fun kids."

We got in the elevator still holding hands. He brought my hand up to his lips and kissed it. The doors opened and he grabbed the small of my back and led me to my door. I went to put the key in and saw there was a do not disturb sign on the door. "Crap, looks like Lauren and Max moved the party to my room. Now What?" Nathan just laughed. "Why don't u come back to my room, I was sharing with Max anyways. U can shower and I can lend u something to wear, I promise to behave myself Scouts Honor!" I smiled " Looks like I may need a place to crash tonight. Are you sure its ok? I don't want to put you out...even though it looks like Lauren did." He laughed again. " Sure u can stay with me, why don't u shower in my room i will just run down and get a key from Seev and shower in his and Tom's room then we can order some room service and watch a movie. I know I was gonna take you out but rather just relax if you don't care." I hugged him and said " Sounds like the perfect night to me. It is the perfect ending to a perfect day. Thank You for everything. You are the absolute Best!"

He opened up the door for me and gave me a pair of trackies and a t-shirt. "Take your time and I will be back in a little while. Let's figure out what we want to order so it can be ready when we finish showering." We looked at the menu and placed an order. He gave me a kiss and said he would be back in about an half hour. I walked in the bathroom and turned on the shower. I took off my bathing suit and got into the hot shower. I just kept smiling, am I really in Nathan Sykes room. Did we just have an amazing night with the guys and now i am gonna stay with him tonight. After I finished the shower I cleaned up the bathroom and dried my hair, I pulled on the trackies and then his Stewie T-shirt. It smelled like him and I breathed in deeply.

I walked back into the bedroom and saw Nathan sitting on the foot of the bed. "How was your shower, feel better now?" He looked so cute sitting there in just a pair of trackies and no shirt. His hair was still damp and I wanted to jump him right there. "Yes I did, thank you so much for everything. I do feel a lot better now. Thanks for the change of clothes, can't believe I am locked out of my room for the night." Guess they won't be coming up for air anytime soon!" Just then there was a knock at the door. Nathan jumped up and I couldn't help but notice his fine firm ass. DAMN i thought to myself, did i really just spend the last few hours making out with that man! Nathan brought in the food and we sat on the bed and ate. " I am glad we did this, it was a much better idea then going out. Now we can just relax for awhile." We watched a little TV while we ate. After we were done, I took our plates and tray and put them outside. I came back and Nathan was leaning back against the headboard flipping through channels. He patted the spot next to him, " Why don't u come relax, I will behave I promise." I sat down next to him, and I cuddled up next to him. " I can't promise I will." and kissed him on the nose.

We put on the movie and got under the covers. I don't remember what we watched because we spent most of it making out. But neither one of us complained. At some point I must have fallen asleep cause I woke up and the sun was shining through the window. I was wrapped in Nathan's strong arms. I looked over at him and he was sleeping peacefully. Even more adorable then in pictures! He must have felt me stir because he opened his eyes and smiled at me. "Good Morning beautiful. I hope you slept well, I know i did. Much better waking up to you then Max." He leaned over and kissed me. We sank back into the mattress and the kiss deepened again. All I knew was this was going to be a great day...

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