Chapter 4

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It started raining really hard to the part where it wuz thundering and lightning. While I sat there with my head burried in my lap, lightning struck and lit up the whole street where I could see everything. Niall had pulled up in his car and told me to get in. I got in his car sopping wet. It was really dark outside as well so im glad he came sooner. We sat there while I explained what had happened about my mom and I. He had started to cry not knowing that he could have been a huge help back then and that this couldve been stopped a while ago, he felt so bad. He grabbed a blanket from the backseat and gently wrapped it around me followed by a great warm Horan hug. I hugged him back crying again resting my chin on his shoulder with tears falling on his shirt with a huge tear stain on his shoulder. After a while, we drove to a frozen yogurt stop to calm me down and to figure out how to stop this. We came to a stop at a light. I looked out the window, and there she was. Standing at the corner. My mom.

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