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Jase finally settled in my lap and fell asleep snoring ever so lightly. I looked out the window as my new apartment that took so long to make mine vanished into the distance. Making idle movement with my leg woke Jase and he looked around and gripped me like a vice with fright.

“Jase it’s okay darlin’. “

He looked at me somberly as tears threatened to fall from his eyes. I rubbed his back and noticed Mr. McDoucherson staring intently at me in the rear view mirror, after about an hour it really started to irritate me.

“Why don’t you just take a picture?”

He looked at me stunned, obviously he wasn’t used to being challenged. He nodded and picked up his phone and snapped a quick shot. I looked at him stunned at how much of an ass he was.

“So where exactly are you taking us?”

He looked at me and smiled so sinicly that it made me blanch a little. He barked an unimpressive sound what was meant to be a laugh I suppose.

“We my fine woman are going to my cabin in the woods where nobody can hear you scream.”

Unbeknownst to the idiot in the front seat I was an avid camper and can live off the land rather well with minimal resources. All I did was stare at him with no expression, which must have irritated the hell out of him because he skidded the truck to a stop.

“Damn it!! You almost made me run into my house..”

I looked at him in question and he just got more and more angry. I laughed at him and got out of the truck with Jase in tow, so close he was like a second skin. Cane got out and slammed his door and marched up to me trying to intimidate me once again.

“For one I didn’t make you almost do anything, and two you don’t intimidate me so stop trying to be all macho and open the friggin’ door caveman.”

I picked Jase up and walked through the now open door. The house was rustically furnished in different types of wood a real log cabin feel to it, very warm and cozy it would have been quaint in another situation. I began to notice there was a large crowd of guys milling into the house, so I walked upstairs and looked through the rooms until I found one that was suitable for me and Jase to stay in. I placed him on one of the beds and closed the door. I walked down the stairs and into a room full of curious eyes.

“What the hell are ya’ll looking at?”

They just continued to stare as did Cane. I found my way to the kitchen fairly easily and began to rummage through cabinets and found what I need to make Jase a good dinner and started to cook, I seriously felt like Paula Dean with all of them watching me it was crazy. After I finished I heard rustling up stairs and flew through the house to the room I had chosen to find the door ajar. I busted through the open door way to find two massive dogs in place of Jase, I freaked out and smacked the bigger one with my sneaker only for him to turn on me and snap so I did what any logical person would do I rammed him with my shoulder off of the smaller one, I pushed him to the far side of the room as far as I could. I turned to see Jase curled up in a naked ball on the floor in the corner.

“Jase cover up and go into the bathroom and Lock the door behind you don’t let anyone in but me, go quickly.”

He looked at me and nodded and left the room, I heard movement right before he lunged for me but I took him by surprise using his momentum to flip him and sit on his chest. Hearing the bathroom door open I shouted.

 “Shut the door and lock it Jase.”

I had looked up and wasn’t paying attention; it was then that I felt movement under me so I gripped tighter onto the oversized dog only to feel a firm muscular chest in place of fur.

“You know you always were a sexy little baker but I’m kinda uncomfortable.”

I jumped into the air and started swinging and kicking until he got a good hold on me and knocked me unconscious.


I looked at the girl in my arms her form so small yet so full of fire. She had really freaked out when I’d spoken to her but then again what sane person wouldn’t. I could feel the bruises forming but not healing which was odd considering what I am.

“Whoa…dude did your lil’bro do that..man the kid finally learned to fight..”

I looked pointedly at Darren my beta, who kept the joking manner and “tsked” with a wide grin.

“No as a matter of fact she did this and they aren’t healing.”

All humor left the room and the shocked look on his face gave way to utter awe we both knew what it meant when a wolf didn’t heal.

“It can’t be.. no way.. it’s not possible… is it?”

Looking at him with a blank expression that he didn’t notice which irritated the shit out of me he continued on with his rambling.

“Dude you can’t let this chick out of your site not even for a second if she is….”

His voice trailed off as I set her on the bed and we talked about the possibilities.


I awoke to hushed voices and didn’t move but sprang to my feet and ran to the bathroom. Jase must have heard me because he had the door open and ready and closed it and locked it right behind me. I looked him over there weren’t any bruises so that was good now the question I couldn’t leave unanswered.

“So.. you’re a werewolf?”

He looked at me so ashamed and I patted his back soothingly.

“I don’t care, I care about that big…”

I was cut off as another wolf crashed through the door and I proceeded to kick it in the face and it skidded to a halt.

“That big… what was I gonna say, damn it I lost my train of thought… oh yeah oaf.. I care whether he hurts you or not all the other stuff doesn’t matter to me sweetie.”

As if summoning him with my words he appeared in the doorway looking at them wolf pointedly. 

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