King Of Sweets

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You know that feeling you get when everything is going too well and you're just patiently waiting for the worst to come. Well that's how I feel now. For the past few days everything has been flawless.

Since Monday, everyday has been sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. Work goes quickly, normally it's like the day drags on and every customer has a problem; whether it's that the shake isn't sweet enough, or they don't like where they're seated. See, I work in this ice cream parlor around my house called Kings of Sweets. It's run by this weird family, The Kings, who apparently to everyone practices witchcraft. I doubt they do, just because they don't dress as flamboyant as everyone else doesn't mean they're witches. That thought doesn't stop everyone from eating they're ice cream though. It's pretty good, and tastes sweeter than regular ice cream. Anyways, the only reason I got this job is to prove to my older sister that I can actually take care of myself. I'm 17 and I shouldn't have to depend on her completely. She always complains and nags. "Marilyn do this!" or "Marilyn do that!", "Marilyn, Marilyn, Marilyn!", "Blah Blah Blah!" She acts like she's years older than me when in reality she's only 3 years older. But even since Monday she's been rather nice to me too. I mean we have a love-hate relationship. But she hasn't done anything to annoy me the whole week. It's shocking and it worries me, yet I won't complain out loud to her; this week at school went pretty well too. Everyone normally harasses the hell out of me. It could be about the way I look or because of my family situation. Everyone somehow found out that when I was 15 and my sister was 18; my parents just got up and left. They left a note and everything about how my sister and I weren't worth their time anymore being that my sister is adult and can take care of both of us now. I was definitely hurt to the core, and obviously so was my sister, but we just kept on with our lives. Our parents hurt us ever since I was about five. They hurt us verbally, physically, and mentally. My sister says that it helped me get stronger in my own way, but really it just damaged me massively. I have one true friend because he is the only who has stuck by me and understood the pain I was going through. His name is James and he is one strange dude. I'm still shocked to this day that he stayed my friend but I'm not protesting, who knows how messed up I would be if I didn't have him to support me through everything.

"Hey Marilyn. Do you think you'd be able to work until 12 tonight? Those annoying kids from you're school want to have a little shindig here tonight." Mr. Kings asks me while I'm cleaning the tables towards the rear end of the place.

"Do I have to work alone?" I reply with a tone of annoyance in my voice. Mr. King doesn't know the issues I go through in school with the kids there, but that still doesn't mean that he should ask me. He always asks me to work late or help out with the cleaning. Normally I don't complain cause of the extra money, but come on. If the kids you despised were coming to where you worked you'd be unhappy too.

"No, Leila will be working too." He replied with a happy tone ignore my unhappy one. (A/N : Leila is pronounced Layla. )

"Which Leila? Your daughter Leila, or the new girl you hired last week Leila?" I giggled at how many times I said "Leila" which earned me a weird look from Mr. King, but it was entertaining to me.

"My daughter Leila, Marilyn." He simply said, and with that a large grin escaped my mouth. Leila King was hilarious and extremely strange. She and I got along perfectly because she doesn't care about my past. She only sees my present. Everyone dislikes her. Probably because she dresses like a pure rock star, and every 'normal' person in this town dresses preppy. She has light brown hair that reaches her shoulders and big brown eyes. Our look was completely different facial wise. I have large gray eyes that change with my mood. When I'm mad they turn a deep gray looking black and when I'm happy they shine as tiny flashlights pouring out my eye sockets. I have pitched black hair that reaches my mid back. Leila wears this bright red lipstick with every outfit she wears. We both wear black eyeliner around our eyes. Making mine look sinister and hers look daring. We're the peculiar girls of the town. We dress the same basically the same except that on occasions Leila dress really girly. Besides that we normally wear skinny jeans, band tee shirts, v-necks, or dark graphic tees. Unless it's summer I always wear a sweater. I never wear jackets or coats. Only sweaters.

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