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*Emily’s POV*

                I was tapping my fingers on the edge of the seat. I was beyond nervous. Zayn and I weren’t a couple, but I wouldn’t mind if we were. I wouldn’t tell Zayn that, I wouldn’t have the courage. Zayn kicked me lightly on my knee. I looked up at him and smirked.

                “Can I help you?” I asked holding back a laugh.

                “You might need to stay with one of my sisters,” Zayn shrugged, “just letting you know.”

                “Where am I going to be at?” Chris asked. He came along with us.

                “In my room with me, I guess,” Zayn replied. Our driver announced we were here. My nerves instantly doubled. Zayn put his arm around my shoulders, noticing my nervousness. Chris put his head in-between mine and Zayn’s. Just as Chris opened his mouth to say something someone screamed.

                “OH MY GOSH! IT’S TRUE! IT REALLY IS ZAYN MALIK!” A fan screamed. Zayn dropped his arm and gave a short wave. Chris and I started getting stuff out of the car.

                “I remember when I was a fan girl,” I reminisced. I smiled remembering the memory.

                “Yeah, it was creepy,” Chris replied.

                “It was not creepy. It is completely normal for people my age,” I retorted.

                “Sure,” Chris replied sarcastically.

                “ZAYN!” A girl screamed louder than the rest.

                “SAFAA!” Zayn screamed back. I turned around to find Zayn hugging a younger girl who looked somewhat like him, it didn’t take me no more than two seconds to figure out who she was. On the inside I was at fangirling overload, but the outside I was playing cool. Hey, just because I knew the boys doesn’t mean I couldn’t fangirl!

                “You okay? You look funny,” Chris informed.

                “Thanks,” I muttered sarcastically.

                “No problem,” Chris replied as we started dragging the luggage up to the door where Zayn was greeting his family. We barely managed to make it through the fans.

                “Oh and Mum, Dad, these are my friends, Chris and Emily,” Zayn introduced. I quickly shook everyone’s hand.

                “Oh, and Doniya I was thinking Emily can stay in with you in your room,” Zayn wondered.

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