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Chapter 11

~ Harry ~

The castle was absolutely breathtaking. It was like something out of story book. A few other first years were stopping near me to take in the magnificent view. We were all interrupted by a familiar voice booming from somewhere up ahead.

"First years come with me! Ya don't want ter get left behind!" I smiled as I turned to see Hagrid standing at the edge of the lake.

"Well, I'll see you later Harry!" Louis said behind me. I turned around and said a quick goodbye to him and Eleanor before walking over to Hagrid. He instructed all of us to pile into many small boats that would take us across the vast lake. Since I still hadn't met any first years I was stuck in a boat with two lads I didn't know. One of them was just slightly shorter than me with blonde hair while the other one was quite tall with light brown hair. They seemed to know each other by the way they constantly chattered.

Once we were all settled in our boats, Hagrid climbed into one by himself. With a wave of his pink umbrella his boat jerked forward and pulled ahead of all of us. I almost fell backward as our boat suddenly jerked forward. I heard a few giggles coming from the boat next to me and I felt my face get hot as I looked in their direction.

There were two girls in a boat directly next to mine. One had dark brown hair with tan skin and large brown eyes. She was quite beautiful, but it was the other girl that really got my attention. She had wavy chocolate brown hair that reached just past her shoulders and dark blue eyes. She blushed deep red and glanced away when we made eye contact. However, I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

"C'mon, Harry! Out of the boat!" I was startled by Hagrid's voice. I had been so caught up in that one beautiful girl that I didn't even notice when the boats stopped. I quickly stumbled out of the boat, being one of the last first years to reach land. I looked up to see that the girl was now standing only a few paces in front of me. She had me so captivated that I accidently stumbled into another lad.

"Sorry," I mumbled looking at the ground. I really had to pay better attention before I did something else stupid. Hagrid marched us all down a short path and up to the castle.

"This is where I leave ya! Professor McGonagall's waitin for ya by the double doors over there." He pointed to a large set of double doors near the entrance to the castle. We all slowly made our way over to the doors. The nerves in the room were so high you could practically see them. I was even starting to feel the butterflies flitting around in my stomach.

"You're Harry Styles, aren't you?" I jumped as I heard an unexpected voice behind me. I was shocked to find the girl standing there smiling at me.

"Yeah," I mumbled a response. My mind wandered back to the day Hagrid had taken me to Diagon Alley. When we were sitting inside The Leaky Cauldron and Hagrid told me the truth about my past.


"Hagrid, you promised that you would tell me about my past." I reminded him for the third time that day. He sighed and smiled down at me.

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