Woes of a Teenage Boy

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I sat up in my bed, breathing hard, trying to remember what I had been dreaming about to make me feel this way. I had chosen not to wear a shirt to bed that day considering how fugging hot it was. I had an AC but it still got hot when I played my video games which was all the time.

After giving up trying to remember, I checked the time (5:45 am) and stretched. “Shit.” I groaned quietly. Not only did I wake up in a panic from a dream I couldn’t remember but I also had a morning wood. I made my way to the bathroom that was in my room awkwardly and began preparing for a shower zombie-like.

This is why I don’t take showers in the morning, I thought bitterly. Once the water was perfect, I looked myself over quickly in the full body mirror. My hair stuck out in odd directions and my honey coloured eyes were blood shot.

My eyes traveled down to my lean stomach. Skinny but pretty abb-less, pathetic. And I finally got to what I was dreading, “Shiiiitt, this one will not go away, will it?” I asked to no one except myself. I jumped in the shower and went about the normal washing and quickly made my way to attend to the matter at hand, no pun intended.

As the water streamed down my back, I searched for something to think about. But I had been inactive since birth and could only think of the one thing that I had fugged up.  She had liked me since the middle of freshman year. I had known this.

She glanced at me in a way that made me want to kiss her but also do other more explicit things, and there it was! The fire I needed, I wondered if she would like to have her curly hair pulled and I bit my lip hard as I came. I sighed out, “Gosh I am in some deep shit now.”

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