Chapter 16: A New Life

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Chapter 16: A New Life

I never felt so warm and safe before in my life, but that, that was something so vibrant and relaxing that it couldn't be real. The large cotton covers caressed my skin so comfortably that I must have though I was on a cloud. The covers smelled of fresh flowers and felt soft. I turned to my side where I pulled them closer to me and hugged then tightly. As I did I noticed I wasn't in the same as I was the night before. No, this room was larger, and fancier. I was to lazy and too comfortable to sit up and look around, but something familiar caught my eye. Right beside the bed I was laying on I noticed a red pendant sitting on the night stand. The small red chocolate colored night stand looked as if it was carved by hand. I then sat up and looked down at the pendant with careful eyes. Before I could reach out and grabbed it I felt the need to look around the room to make sure no one was watching. It was an odd feeling, but something told me I wasn't allowed to touch. Then again like I said before, I tend not to follow rules. As I reached my hand out to the pendant to pick it up, something instantly told me to back away and fall back on the bed.

I jerked my arm back to me where I then fell back on the bed and pulled the covers over me. I curled myself into a ball where I felt the most strange sensation. It was the same felling I got when I fought that last Level S. I closed my eyes tightly where I tried hard to block out the feeling and the thought of what might happen to me if I opened my eyes again. Whatever was coming my way was something that terrified me. I was scared, the hairs on the my arms rose and the more I thought about disappearing and going home the more scared I became. I was in the verge of tears when I suddenly heard a loud thump run through my ears. Did I dare to look up? I didn't know what to do, I pulled the covers over my head and let the warm tears fall off my eyes. For the first time after so many years I wanted to go home and stay in my fathers arms. A slam was followed by the thump. That made me jump and somewhat yell. I was afraid to look up so I buried myself deeper under the covers. I was trembling and so terrified. The presence that was out in the room was something that scared the living hell out of me. Suddenly another thump and another slam rung through the room.

“Get out!” said someone.

The voice sounded strong and familiar. I sucked in air, Sebastian.

“Now, now, no need to be so rude little cousin.” said another voice that sounded stronger and more forbidden.

“Get out! Now!” yelled out Sebastian.

He sounded mad and very irritated, in fact he sounded as if he was about to rip whoever was out there head off.

“Come now Sebastian, I just wanted to see her, you can't blame me. I mean she is the talk around the vampire realm. The White Princess.”

White Princess, what the hell was this guy talking about? Was he talking about me? I didn't know, then suddenly a heard foot steps come closer to the bed where I then crawled out from under then and ran as fast as I could to Sebastian. Lucky for me I knew exactly where he was, right in front of the door. Although tears where still fall off my eyes I could definitely sense Sebastian's presence not to far from the bed. I jumped off the bed and ran toward him with my arms open wide. I then felt his strong body and wrapped my arms around him tightly. He wrapped his arms around me and said softly,

“Did he scare you?”

I couldn't speak, I was to frightened to. I only nodded as I tried hard to regain the feeling of my entire body. I felt numb for the fear as I then turned my head slight back to the bed I noticed a man who seemed to be in his late twenties standing beside the bed. I gasped, I knew he was there. I then looked closely at him and found a resemblance of Sebastian in him. He was older and much more strongly built. His hair was swept back and his dark eyes where piercing and more sinful than Sebastian's. Although no matter how scary he looked he was still very handsome. An evil handsome, that can manipulate anyone.

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