28. The Traitor

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Getting past the iron-clad protection of the government was a difficult task without any help not to mention Trisha was with the daughter of the woman who government hated at the moment. But she needed to get past that gate and inside to meet her brother.

Now that she knew that she was the cure, she wanted to help and get her redemption even if it was just a  minor part of the amount of damage she did.

She had been on run for two days and with a child to take care off. She had to leave Sage behind at this point because he would have been of no help now and she would have troubled him uselessly.

Killian's father had a whole team of soldiers after her and hiding was difficult as her picture with Alice's daughter circulated through the media. 

There was no hope for her and the death count was increasing daily. But she couldn't waste time now since Killian and Sage both were affected and it felt like she will lose everything if either of them died.

But like God was on her side, the help came to her.


Trisha was tightly wrapped in a grey worn shawl while she held the girl in closely also covering her in an oversized sweater she picked up from the church charity lot. She was in the line for some food covering her face as much as possible but she needed food to survive and she was glad that church was doing this drive for people at this time.

It kind of felt hopeful that goodness was not all lost.

Alice's daughter didn't speak much and most of the time just looked around everywhere with question filled eyes. She had lived in that sheltered corner with her mother not knowing that world was much more than that.

Sometimes Trisha would notice that she would sob silently but never shared her fears or worries vocally. Or sometimes she would just sit silently at night and stare at the sky and stars deeply thinking about something. She was forced to mature before her time and even though she didn't speak her eyes said so.

"Let's get doughnuts today. I am craving something sweet." Trisha tried to talk with her.

She just smiled softly to show her agreement.

Trisha stood in line for the doughnuts drawing her ripped blanket closer to hide her identity but a voice shocked her out of her wits.

"Trisha," Aileen whispered as she pretended to get more doughnuts from the basket below the table.

Her heart stopped beating for a  minute and she realised the fear was back, she was free of that tattoo. That meant human brain was stronger than anything.

She was afraid of getting caught and the cure dying with her and the little girl with her.

"Ryan has been looking for you. Where have you been?" She whispered bending closer to give the meal.

"I need his help." She said not sure she could trust anyone at the moment but Aileen was her best bet.

As far as she could tell she loved her brother.

"Go wait beside the blue van and don't get noticed. I will be going back in the restricted area. I can take you along." She said and Trisha felt grateful finally seeing a ray of hope.

"Who is she?" Aileen asked looked at the small girl clutching to Trisha's arm too tightly.

"Answer to our problems." She said with a small smile and hurried away to hide in the blue van before people started noticing them.


"Wake up." Aileen's voice sounded distant as she woke Trisha up.

With much difficulty, she opened her eyes and saw that they were in a parking lot.

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