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So,it didn't take me long to realize that community service while,absolute shit,isn't as boring as I thought. The second day,we were still picking up trash with our same partners,but we'd only been assigned to one small area.

I stood quietly,holding the black,plastic bag open,waiting for Simon to make conversation. He was on the awkward side,I thought when I heard Nathan speak up. "Hey! Weird kid,I need you to switch me partners. I think it's only fair I work along my Curly sidekick,and Kelly likes to beat me.." he said walking towards us and grabbing the claw from Simon's hand.

Simon shifted his gaze from me,to Nathan and back before walking away. I watched him as he looked at Kelly,and picked up the trash bag Nathan had dropped. I looked at the ground,holding my own bag open,waiting for him to do his job as well. I soon noticed he was standing still,and I looked up to see him staring at me. "What?" I asked raising one eyebrow "what is it they got you for?" before he let me answer he spoke up again "You look like the type who'd try to sexually assault someone" he said grinning madly.

I scoffed "really,do I?" "Sure,it's the short ones you gotta watch for. They're asking you to reach the top shelf and then they're raping you!" I shook my head at him,laughing "no,I don't think that's right." Nathan just shrugged at me "so what did you do then?" I bit my lip "got caught with drugs" he laughed "so did Curtis." Suddenly I remembered why Curtis was familiar "Shit yeah!" I exclaimed causing everyone to look at me "he's that runner guy." I said more quiet this time.

Nathan nodded "Yeah,so drugs huh? What a bad girl." he mocked wiggling his eyebrows. I ignored his mocking tone and smiled at him "Oh yes. Actually,I took so much that when I woke up in the hospital the doctor told me,I'd died from the overdose and miraculously came back to life. Sick,yeah?" I smirked. I could feel myself starting to open up more to Nathan,he just seemed so carefree. After hearing what I'd said he furrowed his eyebrows,examining me closer "you're just kidding,right?" By now,all the other's were tuned into the conversation.

I tilted my head to the side "no,I'm serious" I said,feeling five pairs of curious eyes on me. Feeling uncomfortable I tried to explain "I mean,I don't know. I know it sounds proper weird but, it's not the weirdest thing to ever happen to me." "What do ya mean?" I heard Kelly ask and I turned to face her. "Well,a while ago..I'm not sure when,there was a huge storm yeah? And I was struck by lightening,and I was like,a bit shaken up but,I was fine." Then I heard Simon speak for the first time since I'd met him "a storm?" he asked. I nodded at him "yeah."

I watched uncomfortably as Kelly and Simon looked each other in the eyes for a minute. "Yeah,well fuck it. Go ahead then!" Kelly said shrugging and Simon nodded. I looked at Nathan,confusion evident on my face. Surprisingly he smiled at me,and I thought that'd be the most sincere smile I'd probably ever see from him,so I smiled back weakly. Then I noticed Simon walking closer to me,so I forced myself to stop looking at Nathan and met Simon's strikingly blue eyes.

No one had said anything but I heard Kelly laugh,so I looked over to her,and she just shrugged. Hm,okay. Weird. I looked back to Simon and he was smiling. "The day of the storm was our first day of community service." he started. I really did not know what they were all on about but,I kept listening anyways. "We all were struck by the lightening too, and after we all got super powers,and I think you have one too!" he looked much too excited as he told me all this. I couldn't control my laughter as I looked around at them all "super powers? Fucking brill! Nice story!" Simon looked at me bewildered "No! it's true." he said frowning.

I was speechless,in community service with a bunch of crazies? I did not sign up for this. I think Alisha must have noticed I wasn't buying it because she said pretty much what I was thinking "I know it sounds like,completely psychopath." I nodded in agreement "But,it's true" she finished shrugging. I took a deep breath,preparing for more crazy "what can you all do,then?" "Well,I'm immortal!" Nathan stated proudly "I can go invisible" Simon said "going back in time.." that was the first time Curtis said anything today. I looked at the other girls expectantly "I can read minds" Kelly said,Alisha was quiet for a while but then she shrugged, "I make guys want to have sex just by touching em."

I glanced at the five of them quickly,"are you going to show me,then?" "I would but,I don't think you all could live a minute without me." Nathan grinned. I rolled my eyes,causing him to laugh. Wow,he has a nice laugh,so cute. "I'll prove it,you just thought Nathan's laugh is cute" Kelly said,smirking. I looked at the ground. Now I was pretty much convinced,and pretty much humiliated. I heard Nathan laughing in a way that sounded like he was choking.

"So,do you get in a lot of trouble?" I smiled gratefully at Simon for his effort in changing the subject. I shrugged "it's only trouble if you get caught,right?" Kelly nodded in agreement. "Honestly though,if you're not a trouble maker,you wouldn't be here." Alisha pointed out. I laughed "Well,I would probably be in more trouble if they'd noticed my I.D. was fake." "What do you have a fake I.D. for?" Curtis asked "Because she's an undercover rapist!" Nathan answered for me.

"No!" I laughed,shaking my head "for getting into clubs,what else?" I noticed the group was looking at me,confused now. "What?" "How old are you?' Alisha asked "sixteen." "Wow!" Nathan exclaimed "Curly Junior,really is a junior. How perfect!" I admired the way he said perfect but,I tried to stop thinking about Nathan since Kelly could hear what I was thinking. 'Always had a thing for bad boys,haven't you El?' I asked myself.

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