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Liam's POV

Not being able to see the love of my life for a week really sucks the life out of me but yet, I can't even bring myself to sleep.

I have no energy but when I try to sleep, I'm so restless.

I worry that she'll come while I'm asleep and I want to be the first to see her.

All week I've been doing pointless things, that constantly worry the boys

The first few days I cried and sobbed for hours. Wishing for her to be back. Holding the sheets she slept in and just crying. I also opened the lilac box of memories and sobbed into those.

Then I had anger. So much I was breaking a lot of things. I may or may not have punched a mirror.. Okay. I did. I didn't get injured badly. Just a few cuts running down my right hand.

I was so angry in myself. I let her slip through. I did things she wouldn't approve of.

And now, I'm just mute. I sit here with no emotion.

I haven't eaten a real meal since she left and I've lost wuite a bit of weight. Niall and Louis come in with food but I tell them to leave it by the door. I'll usually eat a bite or two and then set it outside my room and one of the boys toss it out or Niall begs for it. I'm able to hear him from upstairs begging Louis to let him have my untouched foods.

Before the boys, except for Zayn, would try to get me out but I yelled at them. Slowly they stopped trying to talk to me and just came up for a small chat and to bring me my meals that I don't touch.

I'm laying in bed.

Wishing she would open my bedroom door and hop into my arms.

Wishing I could tell her how much I love her and how sorry I am for fighting with Zayn.

I at least want to see her smile. Just one last time.

Heck, just hearing her voice would be enough for me.

I closed my eyes while thinking these things

When I hear the sweetest voice come through the door.

"I love you!" Becca sang. Okay she didn't sing it.. but it's music to my ears.

I raced downstairs for the first time in a week. I saw the beautiful girl that I'd lost once but won't lose ever again.

But before I could get a word out. A figure wrapped it's arm around her saying "I know you do"

My heart just fell into a million pieces.

I sunk to the floor and she must have heard me. She looked at me for a second and quickly turned away. Like I was nothing. Nothing important. Nothing she ever loved. Just nothing.

Rebecca's POV

"I love you too" I almost shouted and slightly out of breath

He was tickling me because I refused to say it back. I was just teasing him. Of course I love him! He picked up my heart for me when I couldn't even feel it anymore.

He mended it back together when it was broken beyond repair.

And he was there for me

I love Gale Parker.

"I know you do" He said as he tickled my nose with a soft brush of his lips.

I giggled while giving his a quick peck on the lips when I heard a shuffle.

I turned around and saw Liam

Butterflies ran throughout my tummy. My heart fluttered. My eyes started to water a bit and I felt my chest tighten. All this happened in the second before I quickly turned away.

He caused me too much pain. And I love Gale now.

He's my everything even though I just met him earlier this week

"What's wrong?" He asked while wiping an escaped tear.

"I just really can't wait for you to meet Harry" I choked out before looking at Liam once more. I led Gale right past the old love of my life, and up the stairs to meet my brother.

"Hey man" Harry said as he bro-fisted my boyfriend.

"Nice to finally meet you. Rebecca talks about you a lot," Gale laughed

Harry's eyes widen in embarrassment "Ermm, what has she told you?" He narrowed his eyes at me.

"Oh it's nothing too bad, I peed my pants in front of thousands of fans many times." Gale burst out laughing at the end and so did I

Harry's face turned as red as a tomato, which caused me to laughed even more.

Harry laughed too after a bit. "Rebecca gave me like five bottles of water and blocked the washroom!" He shouted/explained.

"You took it" I said quietly and Harry elbowed me joke glaring

"I gotta go. Sorry but maybe sometime we'll go out for dinner. Bye, I love you. Nice meeting you." He kissed me and waved to Harry and me.

Once Gale shut the door behind him, Harry turned to me seriously.

"Where the hell were you!" He shouted angerly

I was taken back by his tone and volume

He's never yelled at me like that before


"Well?" He said tapping his foot


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