"Harold Carnavan was the Father of the Carnavan Family. In 1560 he took over the Cemetery. Harold grew up in London. in 1575, one night, he travelled to a Cemetery. Written in eerie black letters were the words: MIST GATE VAMPIRE CEMETERY.

      "He went inside. He saw the gargoyle statues; the large, black columns; the large, cobbled steps, that lead to the road; and a garden. A blood fountain completed the scene. Of course, the Cemetery was full of the Undead. And, one night, he saw a girl. She had short, black curly hair, red hellish eyes, and a yellow dress, yellow Elizbeathan ruff, and yellow flat colored slipper shoes. She had huge breasts, and she was 14. (Though she was 140 in Vampire years!).

        "Harold shivered. Then, as she glided towards him, he screamed. She opened her small mouth. And, as her sharp fangs bit him thrice in the neck, ripping and puncturing the flesh, he went into spasm, and, within minutes, was dead by the front entrance of Mist Gate Cemetery. Within 3 nights Harold was a full Vampire. The girl's name was Rebecca Balaign. She was one of the Balaign girls. She lived in the woods with her Family. They hated the Carnavans, And they were very bloodthirsty. So bloodthirsty that anyone who dared set foot in the woods would be impaled and bitten to death. In fact we feared them at first...But, at the beginning, they were horrible. They were Wood Vampires and their rural charm was a false charm. The Wood Vampire spread terror...And, as a result, noone dared go there alone...The Young Carnavan Family never came there at all". Lord Carnavan sipped more blood Wine, and then took a small break, as everyone listened intently.


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