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~5 years later~

“let me see the ring again” Niall’s Mom said. there was now only 3 more days until the wedding and Me, My maid of honor Michaela, and Niall’s mom sat in the living room of Niall’s family home making last minute wedding plans.

“Oh, it’s so beautiful” she said. It was only the nine hundredth time she’d said that.

Me and Niall were getting Married right here in Mullingar. I couldn’t wait to marry Niall. Niall’s mom had been so sweet and helped me a lot with my wedding plans, especially since my mom, and sisters couldn’t be in Ireland. I had the most adorable little flower girl name Colette. She was the daughter of Harry and Michaela. She was 3 years old. Harry and Michaela are still together and they are the maid of honor and best man in our wedding.

~at the wedding~

“do you Niall take Victoria to be your wife” the minister said.

“I do” he responded

“and do you Victoria take Niall to be your husband” The minister asked.

“I do” I responded.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride” the Minister announced.

Niall planted a strong kiss on my lips, and then led me out to the limo that we were riding to the reception in.

“it really sucks that I can’t drink at the reception” I said placing my hand on My stomach. I hadn’t gained any weight yet, because I was only about 2 months along. Nobody knew that I was pregnant yet, because we wanted to wait till I was 12 weeks. I think everyone figured it out though, when I was the only sober one at the reception.

~ About 4 and a half years later~

I felt something hit my arm, and I groggily opened my eyes, to see my beautiful little boy standing in front of me. He looked exactly like Niall did as a kid, and he was the perfect kid.

“Mommy, can I sleep in here with you. Thunder scares me”

“sure Braden” I responded lifting the covers, and sliding over.

“Mommy when Is daddy coming home” he asked.

“Him and your uncles will be home from there tour in a few days” I said, while rubbing his back to try to make him sleep. I had everything I could ask for, and loved every moment of my life

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