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| C O N N E R |

     Conner wasn't like other werewolves. He was always different. He stuck out from the rest, but at the same time he was a social butterfly that was friends with everyone. Like the black sheep dressed in white. People didn't notice but he cared about what they thought... a lot.

    You wouldn't expect a handsome, strong thing like him to be insecure. But he was. Every word that came out of his mouth he over analyzed, thinking he might have went too far, wasn't funny enough, was too boring... And he just drove himself insane over it.

     He built up walls around himself, pulling on a facade of not having a care in the world. Truthfully, it was the exact opposite. It was just easier to pretend.

     Conner was a masterful actor. Sometimes he felt like looking like a bad boy, so he would kick his feet up onto his desk, ignore his teachers, and make out with girls in the janitor's closet. Sometimes he felt like being a golden popular boy like Emerson, his best friend, so he would come striding into school with a charming smile, a compliment for anyone in sight, and a wink for all the girls he deemed cute. Sometimes... sometimes he just wanted to lay low on the radar. So he'd pull his hood up, listen to his music, and drown everyone out.

      Even though Conner had 'friends', none of them understood him. Nor did they really care that much. Did they ask him how his weekend went? Did they offer him a shoulder to cry on? Did they even know what was going on in his life? No. But that's just how some guys are.

At least that's what Conner kept telling himself.

     That was part of the reason Conner so eagerly awaited meeting his mate. A girl who would listen to what he said. A girl who he could cuddle with and express his true self. A girl who loved him. A girl who was just... perfect for him. That seemed like the greatest thing that could ever happen to Conner.

    When Conner's eighteenth birthday came to pass, he expected to meet her right away. He expected to meet eyes with the most beautiful creation in the planet, to run to her, to have her jump into his arms. He expected for them to kiss so passionately that the universe would sigh dreamily. Conner was a hopeless romantic, but he didn't care. It was his fantasy and to had to come true. It happened for most people, why not him?

     The thing about reality is that things don't always go your way. Sometimes... they go the exact opposite. Conner's eighteenth birthday cane and went. He picked his way through the entire town, but none of them clicked. They were just the same old faces, no longing burning inside of him. A week went by, and still nothing.

     Conner's heart was chipped away, piece by piece. What if he had no mate? What if no one would love him, ever? What if... what if this was his punishment?

     He locked himself away in his room. He cried. He feasted on crappy food. He binge watched Glee. He masturbated to free p0rn. His parents let him be, they knew how he could get sometimes.

      12 days after his birthday, Conner felt it. The irresistible tugging inside of his chest. The pull, the need, the hunger. He was in the middle of stuffing his face with popcorn when he threw it all down. A grin lit up his face.

     He raced out of his room, wiping his hands off in his shirt, smoothing down his hair, and busting out the front door of his home, completely barefoot. He knew his mate was close. Very close. He didn't have time to change and get all dolled up!

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