The Life of Ryan Mars

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"Wake up Ryan, its your first day at your new school!"

"Do i have to mum?"

"Of course you do!"

I walked to see this huge building!

"You must be Ryan! the new student! I am Mrs Truswell. The principle!

"I will walk you to your class."

Something was strange. She was too nice.

"Class this is our new student Ryan Mars."

The whole class stared at me. Some seemed happy some did not.

"Ryan you can sit next to Adam over there" Said the teacher Mr Burnsley

Adam was the first person i met. He seemed ok.

"Hey Ryan, Want to share my book with me?"

"Hmm, Ok."

I heard some whispering in the back but chose to ignore it.

I turn to my head to my right and there is sitting a girl who is absolutley beautifull.

She looks at me, i worry but at the same time i smile. She smiles back which gave me a relief.

I begin to read....

Mr Burnsley: Ok, Class is over go to your first break!

I head out the door and enter the playground. I sit down on the bench with adam. I have my eyes locked on at the same girl i met in class. At the corner of my eye i see some kids walking towards me and they dont look happy

Johnny: Oi. Stop looking at my girlfriend

I see the girl running over

Megan: Johnny Stop!

"Im sorry. It wont happen again"

Johnny: Yeah! It wont..

They push me off the bench and start kicking me

Megan: Johnny Please stop it!

Johnny: Come on guys lets go.

Adam walks over with a sad face

"Are you ok Ryan?"

"Im fine..."

At this point everyone can see me hurt but i try ignore it. I head to the nurse. I head to science with a ice pack on my head.

Turns out the kids did three weeks of community service. Which is great!

I need to find out the girls name and number.

I walk into a science and everyone is talking about it. I sit down blunt.

I hear a voice from behind me.

Megan: Psst. Are you ok? She whispers.

I turn around

"Oh. Yeah im ok."

She smiles

"Im megan."

"Oh.. Pretty name"

"You think so?"


"Sorry about johnny, I dumped him though.

"Oh. Thats good."

She passes me a piece of paper with her number on it.

I See Johnny at the back with the most biggest angry face i have ever seen.

I start to carry on with my project.

Mrs Torna: Alright class you may head to break two!

This is not good. I know what's going to happen next.

I Saw Johnny walking towards me in the cantine.

Not alone like always.

........ So i went for it.

I took a punch right to his face. I saw him fall to the ground. His friends backed up.

Everyone paused looking at him on the floor.

I know what your all thinking. Not the best thing to do. But if you think about it... It is. I stood up for myself and you victims should do. We need to stand up to bullies. In the end everything went well. Megan became my girlfriend. Adam is my best friend. Now everyone likes me. Turns out this is a good school after all.

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