Chapter Nine

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When we got back to the house with a armfulls of bags.  The girls put their bags in my room and went downstairs to watch a movie with the guys. While I, on the other hand, went to bed for El was going to pick me up at five in the morning to do my photoshoot.  

*Knock Knock*


"Hey.  Umm.... err.... I wanted to say .... goodnight." Harry said then kissed me on the forehead.  

Before I couldn't sleep but now I went to sleeo quickly and peacefully.  


"You ready?"

"Uhh, I guess."

In the cab ride to the place where we were shooting, Elaenor talked to me a lot to keep my nerves calm. I suppose that was her intention, but it didn't help too much. 

"So do you have a boyfriend?  Or a guy of choice?" She said moving her eyebrows up and down. 

"Umm,.... no."  Yes Harry, I mean I guess, but she doesn't need to know that. 

"Oh really?" She is questioning me and this makes me more nervous.  She saw that I had a scared look in my face and dropped the subject. The last ten minutes were quiet.

This gave me time to collect my thoughts and by the time we got ot the photo shoot I just relxed and just did what I thought looked nice. 


All day I had been waiting for the phone call.  I realized I really enjoy modeling and really think I could do this as a job thing. 



I quickly answered the phone as everyone gathered around me to listen to the conversation. 

"Hello. ----- Yes it is.-------Uhhhuuuhhh------- *SCREAMING*!!!!!  THANK YOU !!!  Bye."

Everyone was dancing around and obviously they knew.  

"Well how shall we celebrate?" Harry asked.

"With food of course!" Niall said. 

"Okay so, hmmm....... errr...... Nando's." I said.  

Everyone agreed and then us girls went a got ready. 


I had been in my bathroom getting ready.  It was the first I had used it, I thought it was just a closet.  

Appearently I took forever, when I went downstairs all eyes of everyone were on me.  I really did look that great. I was wearing a new dress and some accessories.  Well my hair and make-up is just what I had for the photo shoot.  

"Wow........" All the guys said.   


"You look B-E-A-UTIFUL lil' sis." 

"Uhh, thanks........"

"Well, let's go!" Niall said. 

When we got there all the couples seperated.  Danny, as I call her, came over while I got ready so she was with Liam.  Harry and I didn't know what to do.  We were forced to sit together, though we didn't mind.  

"Is that okay? I can sit across from Lou and Harry can sit by him." Elaenor offered.

"Umm, no it's fine."


While we were waiting for our food out of the conner of my eye I saw a hand slowly scoot over towards me.  Like a reflex my hand slid into the grip of Harry's.  I didn't think Niall, on the other side of Harry, could see and I was on the outside.  

We hand been holding hands for a while and I just forgot when El got up to use the restroom.  She had to walk past me.  Right as she did I pulled from Harry's grip and then she winked at me.  

"Excuse me, I need to use the restroom also." I quickly got up and followed El to the toiler. 


I checked real quick to make sure we were the only ones here.  Safe. Okay.


"So when did this happen???"

She was smiling ear to ear.

"Well, we went on a date in our garden a couple nights ago. Well.... ummm.....uhhh.err.... I .... I like him.... a lot. We kissed on the night when you and Lou went to a movie."

"Awwwwwee!" El squealed.

"But you know NOTHING!" I whisper yelled. "I don't want my brother to know, okay?"

"Okay, I got your back."

The rest of the night was peacefully and after we came back home Harry and I walked down the road together.  Nobody noticed and El has me covered. 


Harry's POV:

"So El knows?"

"Yeah but, it's okay."

"So you excited now that you're going to do more photoshoots?'"


We walked and talked about the photo shoot. He was telling me about odd things.  


"What's wrong?"

"These heels. I don't normally wear high heels."

Nicole's POV:

 I took off my shoes and walked ahead Harry a little. It kinda hurt walking barefoot. 


Harry ran up behind me and picked me up and carried me bridal style till we got back to the house.  

At the door he gave me a 'goodnight' kiss.  The next thing I hear are OOOO's and Ahhh'[s and laughter and quickly pulled away from the soft lips.  Danny was leaving and the front door had a straight shot into the living room. I felt my cheeks turn red and tears start to run down my face. I saw a shocked face on my brother.  I threw my shoes down onto the porch and started running. 

So yep.  Should I end like this then make a sequal or write more on this??? I don't know.  So anyways duckies tell me what you think. I hope you like. Bye Oh her dress she wore to Nando's is in the external link.

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