Chapter 3: WHAT?! Shinda's Secret Is Out

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***Kokoro's POV***

It's been almost 10 minutes since I stopped my mother from beating on Amaimon any further. Right now, we were sitting in the living room, my mom and I on one side of the coffee table while Amaimon and the other demon named Mephisto sitting across from us. Amaimon was pouting on the arm of the chair as Mephisto sat proudly as if owning the place. I glowered at him, 10 minutes and I already wanted to kill him. My mother gave me a knowing glance while Amaimon chuckled as my eye twitched as we all listened to Mephisto brag about how well he's been doing. I sent a glance to Kobold, silently telling him to get my iPod. He snickered quietly, but obliged, happy to be of help to me as always. Hopping away, he was back in about 20 seconds, but by the time he got back, it was too late, I was already half dead.

"...So I became the Headmaster~!" he said smiling at me. I blinked, unfazed.

"Sorry, you kinda bored me to death for a minute there." I told him bluntly. He anime cried and jumped across the table to hug my mom.

"Oh, Shinda~! How could you babysit someone so~ cruel~?!?!?!?!" he asked, fake tears falling from his eyes. My mom stared down at him, un-amused.

"Moron..." was all she said.

"Ahhh~! So mean~~~~!!!!" he cried, falling back onto my lap. Kobold hissed as he tried to get out from beneath him.

"Mistress, he's squishing me~~~!! Yes he is!" Kobold cried in agony. I pulled his arm, pulling him out of the way and glaring down at the demon that was getting a little too comfortable on me.

"So, what's your name?" he asked happily. I glanced over to my mom who was trying not to laugh and/or kill the demon lying across us.

"I'm Kokoro. Now get off of me, Mr. Mephisto. Or Else..." I growled.

"Oh me oh my~... I think your parents would be angry to find their lovely daughter being so rude~." Mephisto sang carelessly, pointing a finger in my face.

"Well~! How tragic~! How's this? I don't have a father and you're currently lying across my mother!" I shouted sarcastically, breaking my facade for the second time today. Standing quickly, I smirked as Mephisto slammed onto the ground in shock. "Good night. Mother, Uncle." I sent another glare towards Mephisto before leaving the room.

"Nightie night~!" Uncle Amaimon said with a sinister smirk as he waved at me, the lollipop in his mouth giving a sickening crunch as he clinched his teeth together before glaring at Mephisto who was now staring wide eyed at my mother.

"WHAT?!?!?!?!?!" was all I heard before I slammed my bedroom door and plopped back down on my bed, Kobold laying on my pillow watching me as I glared at the ceiling.

"Mistress... Don't be angry... Many demons are troublesome... even I may seem to be bad news at times... it's normal, yes it is." Kobold reasoned carefully, obviously not knowing whether or not I'll blow up at him as well.

"Don't worry, Kobold. I'm fine. I don't care..." I started.

"Lair~. Yes a lair is what you are now, Mistress." Kobold droned as he began to slip into sleep. I was nodding off as well.

"Don't worry about it, Kobold. I don't want to deal with any of those demons downstairs at the moment..." I sighed, curling into a ball next to him.

"Yes, yes.........." after that, we both fell asleep. No noise coming from either of us besides the sound of our sleeping breath.

***Mephisto's POV***

"You have a child?!" I asked furiously, standing before Shinda and Amaimon in a superior manor as I interrogated them.

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