I'f I'm louder, would you see me?

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Dedicated to the *whale sound* making friend who made me post this! Love you Ioana! =D xx

So here it goes! This is the last day I will see Niall. After that he's moving to America for a year to record his new album. It feels like yesterday when One Direction broke up. The boys kept in touch, but it wasn't the same. You could know Niall misses them the way he talked about them. He was actualy the last one to move on. Everything was so hard on him. He kept repeating that he thinks the boys will change their minds and put the band back together. But we both knew thats not going to happen. 

I was just getting ready for the beach. I took a towel, a book and of course some food. He'll pick me up in a few minutes. I turned on the computer and opened twitter. Not much new. A few mentions, some spam DM's. I saw Harry tweeted 2 minutes ago.  

" Harry_Styles: Off to the recording studio! My new album is out in a month! Make sure to pre-order it! xx"  

I decided I'll write him a reply but as soon as I started writing my phone started vibrating. It was Niall. 

"You ready?"  

"Yeah, I'll be right down!" 

I hung up, took my backpack and ran into the kitchen. 

"I'm going mum!" 

"Did you take everything? Are you sure you don't need anything else?" 

"No mum! I'm fine! I'll be home in a few hours! Bye!" 

I closed the door and jumped into his car. He gave me a kiss and said that he missed me. I blushed and said i missed him more. We had about half an hour to the beach and it was just enough time to ask him an important question.  


"What's up?" 

"I was just wondering... Do you think this long-distance relationship will work?" 

"I believe it will. Don't you?" 

He looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes. One of the reasons I loved waking up next to him. 

"Well yes. But from what I heard they never work out." 

"Well we will try our best to keep it working, right? 

"Yeah we will!" 

I gave him a big smile, but on the inside I still wasn't sure about it. I decided to enjoy my time at the beach with him and talk about it on the way back. We came to the beach and he droped me off. I went to buy us some drinks and he parked the car. We found a beautiful spot. Empty so no one could see us.

I knew that once he's in america girls are just gonna throw themselves at him. I was a pretty jealous type so even the thought of it killed me inside. He prommised me that i'm the only one for him but i wasnt sure he'd still think like this when there are millions of girls just dying to meet him. I wanted to talk about it but everytime i asked him anything related to it he made me feel like i dont want to be in a relationship anymore.  

"Leah? Leah!" 

While i was so concentrated on my thinking he was talking about the song that he almost finished. 


"I asked you if these lyrics fit in the song!" 

I had no idea what he was talking about. 

"Yes, of course!" 

"So you are sure my love for food would be perfect in a song about you?" 

So I wasnt listening to him and he hated that. 

"Okay' you got me!"  

He smiled and I was sure i'll never get tired of watching him smile. He knew that i was woried about something but he didnt know how to ask me. I figured i shouldnt ruin this day for us so I jumped in the water and he was right behind me. We had a lot of fun and when we sat in the car I wished the day could last forever. He stopped the car in front of my house and when i tried to get out he put his hand on mine. I knew what that means. 

"Leah, whats wrong?" 

Deep down I wanted to tell him what bothered me but I didnt want to ruin this beautiful day.  

"Its nothing, really." 


He wasnt gonna quit. I really shouldnt tell him. 

"I was just thinking about... What color should I paint my room in! Red, blue, yellow? So many options!" 

I hated lying to him but it felt like the right thing to do. He smiled and let go of my hand. I knew he believed me. I opened the door, quickly kissed him and ran to my house. He waved and i blew him a kiss. I entered the house, ran into my room and threw myself on the bed. I layed there in silence for a few minutes. I figured I was home alone otherwise mum would come storming in my room. I sat on the chair and turned on my laptop. I checked twitter. Lou was in Australia with Eleanor. They were there on vacation and only a few people (The boys, Danielle, Perrie and me) knew that he will propose to her. Liam hasnt tweeted in days, which was pretty weird. Zayn's last tweet -of course- was from a month ago. I got bored so i shut down the computer and put on my PJ's. I sat on my bed and started thinking about how things will turn out in the next year.

This is my first fancic! Every comment is welcome! Just please be honest and feel free to give me some ideas! =) I hope you liked it!

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