A Dream Come True...

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Hey guys, im Zoe, i'm 16 and from the UK.. my bestfriend is called jessie, i love her lots an lots! my mam and dad both work, my dad more than my mam. i spend most of my life with my friends and i really enjoy watching youtube videos. my favourite youtubers are Sam Pottorff and Kian Lawley, and YES! I am a certified Lawlorfff ;) i think thats it... Oh! and i have a little puppy called Coco, she goes everywhere with me :D!

Hi! i'm jessie, i'm 15 and i'm from the UK! My bestfriend is Zoe, you've already met her...anyway, i love spending time with my friends and having a laugh, me and Zoe alwaysss watch youtbe videoes together, usually SuperKian13, and KianSam13, they're amazing! i love sam and kian soo much, lawlorff forever bitchesss ;)! 

Hello there, i'm Sam Pottorff, I'm 16 and live in california, My best bud is Kian, he's my babe ;) jokes, anyway i love going surfing and i ride my bike alot! i do daily vlogs with my bestfriend and we also make music videoes together, thats about it for me.. CYAAAA

Hey, my name is Kian! i'm 16 and from orange country(california), my bestfriend is sam pottorff, I make daily vlogs with sam and we make music videos, our youtube channels are SuperKian13 and KianSam13, GO CHECK 'EM OUT! anyway, byee


'Zoee! come downstairs, me and your father have got some news!' i heard from downstairs, i dont really like it when my mam says things like this.. it's usually bad. i went downstairs to see what she wants and they are both sat on the sofa looking at me, i could tell something bad was going to come out of this. i walk over and sit on the puffy in silence waiting for the news. mam looked at dad asif to say 'you tell her', i could read them like a book! 

'we're moving' were the only words thAT came out of my dads mouth, i dont know why i reacted like this.. 'WHAT?! WHEN? WHERE?' I shouted, mam looked horrified, that second i realised it was probably not they're fault, dad probably had to move because of work and he didnt want to leave us so we had to go. 

'California, in a week.. i've got a job promotion there, i cant let this one slip sweetie' CALIFONIA?! Why california?! what about my friends, so many thoughts were going through my head. i just walked upstairs slowly and logged into skype, straight away i got a call from jessie. i answered it. 'hey Zo-' i interupted her 'I'M MOVING TO CALIFORNIA!' i could see by the look on her face she was upset 'what? california, why?' 

'dad got a promotion, we're going in a week...' it was soo hard telling her this..

'im coming over, sleepover?!'

'sure' i said and closed my laptop, i got out all of the essentials for a sleepover, sweets, crisps, movies, camera. within 30 minuites, i heard a knock on my door. 'ILL GET IT!' i shouted from upstairs. i shot down the stairs and answered the door, it was jessie. i gave her a huge hug and we went upstairs. we spent the night talking about plans for the last week of me being in the UK, how we'll visit eachother and the fact that sam and kian lived in cali.

              It was time to go, i was leaving tomorrow, the last week of me being in the UK had gone soo fast! i went upstairs as soon as we got in from shopping, i'd just bought some bikinis and a new suitecase, i started to empty out my closet and got 2 outfits for tomorow and the flight, i packed the rest neatly into my suitecase once it was full, i zipped it up and put it under my bed. i went over to my computer and logged into twitter, saw a tweet from @SamPottorff saying that he had a new girlfriend called Emilie, i clicked on her twitter profile, she was soo pretty! Sam and Kian both follow me on twitter, i fangirl'd when i saw, i think i cried... i loved sam pottorff quite a lot, but not as much as i love kian, he is amazing! i write a tweet "just packed all my clothes for the big moveto cali, i'm going to miss everyone here in london!" twitter is stupid the fact that your only allowed 140 letters in 1 tweet! i log out of twitter and check the time on the right hand side of my laptop, it was only 8pm but i was really tired from shopping and packing. i went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face, after that i went back into my bedroom and put my pyjamas on, climbed into bed and fell straight asleep.

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