The room reeked of blood, copper and candle wax. Valerie was still tied up in the chair as she glares at her persecutor who was holding a knife; the very same knife that killed Olive, Helen and now, probably her. “I never thought the outcome would point to you.” She said, trying to calm herself.

The man smiled as he wipes the knife with a red cloth to sharpen it. “It all made sense,” said Valerie as she looks down the floor. “During the fire at London, you came along and killed Olive. You followed us to Liverpool and informed James of our location. You even slipped him into helping the Mayor! You told him of my therapist! You were there when Faye jammed Helen’s car and help murder her in the hospital! You almost killed Dianne with a chainsaw! You crashed the Vilmincent Flower truck at her and left her engine to make it look like she had an accident because of it!” Valerie spat on him. “And worst; you tricked James into meeting Helda so he would accidentally start an affair with her to ruin our family! You betrayed me, and everyone who trusted you.”

“Oh Valerie,” he says calmly. “I had to do it. You were all in my way and for Helen; I regret what I did to her. Especially when you were saddened deeply. I do like you but it doesn’t mean you’ll get in the way of my plans.”

“Then why?!” yelled Valerie desperately. “Why’d you do this when I, no, we trusted you?”

His smile fell as he approaches her with the knife. “I had my reasons.”

Valerie closes her eyes tightly; awaiting the pain as she mentally curses herself for getting into this situation.    

1 week earlier



“It’s not us who got caught.” Valerie faced him with the predatory glint in her eyes. “It’s us who caught him”.

“What are you talking about?”

“The moment I implanted those recorders; I knew James was gonna notice them. He is a clever man and I, unfortunately was born in his blood.” Valerie gave a harsh glare at herself. “Furthermore, I waited for him that within the three days he would notice the recorders. Just in hope that he didn’t know I was expecting it.”

“Now, the information given to us is the fact he will be present for the Christmas party where for Liverpool. Mayor Dawn will give his speech and their plan will take place, the plan to drag us back to London, on January 3.”

Vincent looked at her grimly. “On Valerie’s birthday…”

Jonahson then flinched upon hearing that date but luckily, it went unnoticed.

“What are we gonna do?” asked Dianne.

“We’ll get James before he manages to execute his plan which is one the first of January. That’ll be the most possible move he’ll make. We can’t underestimate him yet but if we caught him in the act and confront him with a recorder, we’ll win.”

Prescott, Liverpool

Vilmincent Mansion

In Valerie’s room; the three teens had caught up themselves in preparing their plans. They were like warriors heading on for war. Top priority? For Vincent and Dianne maybe is for the madness to stop. For Valerie; to kill James before he kills her. Not that she actually feared death.

The only thing Valerie Helling feared in her life the most was the fact when she dies; evil, which she refers to James, is still lurking in the earth as he smiles wickedly at her coffin. That was probably the last thing she wanted to happen.

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