Chapter 2

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I start my day off by walking to school. I was lost in my own thoughts when suddenly a car honks at me. I can already tell who it is by the sound of the horn. Samantha, my sister. I turn around and as she pulls up next to me. I put up my thumb like a hitch-hiker for jokes.

"Need a ride stranger", she says as I open the door. I get in laughing and turn on the radio. "Geez Nikki why don't you take the bus or a taxi in the morning?" she asks.

I raise one eyebrow "You already know that Phil and Sarah wont let me take public transportation, they think I'll hurt the people around me" I stated bluntly like I'm used to their rudeness.

"I'm sorry" she said apologetic."I'm really sorry I didn't mean to bring that up", She said again, I guess it was because I was making a sad face.

"No you don't have to apologize it's OK" she was still looking at me, I guess it was because I was making the same face. I figured it was that because whenever I talked about my parents I always got depressed because I never really got the perfect mom and dad as some people get like my sister. For example, she has her own freaking car and i'm a year older than her but I don't even have my own. Even though Phil and Sarah have the money for a new car.

The rest of the ride to school was eerily quit. We got to school 10 minutes early and as we were a block away she stops the car.

"Why did we stop", I asked even though I already knew the answer to that question. "So you can get out and walk the rest of the way", I answered myself.

"Look I don't mean to be a jerk, I mean your my sister and I love you but if the girls see me hanging out with you then their just going to make a whole big deal about it", she said quickly getting it all out there. "OK?" she asked again when I didn't reply the first time.

"Yeah I guess, see you at home", I replied casually. I wasn't really that mad at her because I understand why she told me that. You see everybody at school doesn't know were related you can't even tell because she has blond hair and green eyes. Not even the principle knows because my parents never told him. They didn't want people to know we are related because my parents are known for being the rich people in town. Phil is the best of the best lawyers and my mom is a five star chef, so yeah were pretty damn rich. And supposedly my fake dad is dead and my aunt is my mom, not that I have a problem with it because she treats me like her daughter and she's like my real mom for me. Oh and the "girls" Sam talked about, is her Cheer leading possy. And they would have a problem with me hanging out with her because they are the main group that bully me at school also the jocks.

I finally get to the school doors and I can feel everybody's eyes on me. That's why I always wear black it makes me feel like i'm blending in with the darkness like i'm not even there. It works for me sometimes people hardly notice me but other times they can point me out as the prey.

"God I hate coming early", I mumble to myself. The only reason I hate it, is because I don't have any friends to hang out with and plus all my bullies are always walking around.

I started walking to the girls bathroom, obviously to hide. I took a right and i'm almost there when a wave of shock goes through me, I fall to the floor and everyone starts staring at me. I quickly got up and ran around the corner then picked the closest door around me. I had picked the janitor's closet. I closed and locked the door behind me. I took off my shirt knowing that I wore a muscle shirt underneath. I shove it into my mouth getting ready to bite down when the pain comes. I know what to do because it's happened twice already. Once when I was 7. That was when I got my first power. It was telepathia I soon learned how to control and use it on my own will. The second power was strength, I think I got it around 14. And now i'm 16 and getting who knows what power next. I hate getting new powers, not just because of the pain but because the more powers I get the more blood I need to keep myself alive. And it just proves to me that i'm a monster. I start to quietly sob at the thought, I wish I had a normal life. The pain snaps me out of my thoughts and I bite down hard trying to keep the screams in. I get out my phone I call my aunt because I know for sure Phil and Sarah would just leave me here and Sam can't help me. The phone starts ringing then she picks up.

"Hello sweetie is everything OK?" she asks sounding concerned. I hear the bell for school ringing and I let myself scream along with it knowing no one could hear me.

"Aunt I need help, ughhh", I scream in pain. I now know that everybody is in class so no one can hear me. "I'm in the school's janitors closet I need you to find me and get me out of here quickly"

"OK sweetie I'll be there in ten", as she hangs up I can already hear her taking off in her car. I try to keep myself awake but its to hard and I slip away, slowly falling into the darkness.

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