She strode into the center of the room, not even acknowledging the curious stares of the other inmates. She stared off into space for a moment then brought her hand up to her side and snapped her fingers once. The guards scurried away like rats, and she and Gordon were left alone in a sea of criminals.

Gordon slowly approached her like an antelope approaching the edge of a crocodile infested lake, his hands quaking within his jackets pockets.

"Listen," He commanded and the girl whirled around to face him so fast no one had even seen her turn.

Gordon took an involuntary step back. The room was now filled with a silence so thick, not even Joker's pocket knife could have cut it. Due to this, Gordon's next words were easily heard by every set of ears in the vicinity.

"I will not have you causing scenes like that. Your behavior was completely unacceptable and I expect better. You are here to be looked after and I will see that that happens with little to no trouble on your part. You must promise to not endanger the staff while you are here," He stated, but his authoritative tone wavered as his speech went on. The girl was now glowering at him with such ferocity Crane was surprised the commissioner didn't melt right into the floor.

" I do not make promises, Gordon,"the girl sneered, before walking away towards the back of the room, where she took a seat a few feet away from Catwoman.

Gordon sighed once, before retreating from the room to attend to other business.

Slowly, conversation began to pick back up until it was like nothing had ever happened. A few people still glanced over at the girl, where she sat flipping idly through a magazine she had found lying discarded on the dusty floor. But none dared to approach her.

No one except the oh-so-fearless Joker of course.

He strode up to her and stopped about five feet away, arms crossed, eyes boring into the top of her head. Minutes past and he began to become disgruntled at her lack of reaction to his presence.

"Hey, Doll face," Joker called, and was pleased when her eyes flashed up to his. They were a dark, onyx color. Even darker than his own.

"What?" She snapped, letting the magazine drop down to the floor. He could not help but follow the way her lips move when she responded. He took a moment to survey her appearance.

She was beautiful– there was no doubt about it. But her features were sharp; predatory. Her legs were long and she was evenly proportioned every where else. She had long black hair that was flowing loosely around her shoulders that gave her a softer look, but something about it screamed trickery. He knew this girl was not soft; not soft at all...

His scrutiny was interrupted by a low snarl and he drew his eyes back up to her face. Her eyes were narrowed, fingers curled and lips turned into a feral snarl. She looked absolutely terrifying.

"What do you want, clown?" She snarled, not moving from her spot.

He smiled at the nickname and plopped down next to her.

Catwoman and Crane were watching the pair with wide eyes.

"What are you in for?" Joker inquired, inwardly smirking as he noticed her stiff posture. He was making her so uncomfortable! But a part of his mind was telling him that this was a game he was going to lose if he pushed her too far.

"Craziness. Why else?" She said, eyes hard.

The Joker broke out into a fit of hysterical laughter. The girl looked like she wanted to cover her ears.

"Well, we are all crazy in here, but I mean specifically," He purred, his smile stretching even wider.

"None of your business, scar face," she purred right back, smiling viciously, knowing she had struck a nerve.

The Joker made a move to strike her, but by the time his fist neared her face, she was gone. He blanched and looked around, quickly spotting her a few feet away. She was crouched low to the ground, fingers twitching, baring her teeth. Her eyes silently challenged him.

He shot from his seat and was in front of her in two strides. He reached for her arm but again by the time he bent down she was gone.

He quickly straightened up and looked around again. She was sitting next to Crane who was a good ten feet away, examining her nails.

Joker's brows furrowed in confusion.

"What the HELL was she?"

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