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"Oh hey Katie I didn't know you were coming" liv said trying her best to act natural, I rolled my eyes at her " Bitch don't play with me I know what you did" I said giving her a stank look.
She stuttered for a few seconds an finally got her words out "I couldn't help myself I've always liked Gelo and wanted him and when you came along he didn't want anyone else, I slept with him and I know I should feel bad but I don't regret one thing" she said smirking at me.
I gave her a look like bitch you better start running to your funeral because I'm gonna end you. " You dirty hœ you can have him I don't want him" I said shoving past her but not before I dumped my drink over her head.
"You bitch" she said as she ran towards me slapping me in the face, I pushed her back and hit her in the face repeatedly until there was a circle formed around us. Everyone was shouting things like "Beat her ass Katie" and "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT" , but I couldn't concentrate on anything other than beating her ass.
After a few minutes of fighting her I felt someone try to pull me off her but I wouldn't let go I just kept hitting her. I looked back and saw it was Gelo who was pulling me back, "Get the fuck off me Gelo or I swear to god I will rock yo shit" I yelled as he kept pulling me.
I finally let go and was put on Gelos shoulder, he walked me up the stairs to the bathroom so he could clean me up.
"I fucking hate you" I said as he placed me on the counter top, he looked down and said " Wtf did I do? " he asked me while looking confused I was so heated I slapped him which I learnt to regret. As soon as I slapped him he grabbed me by the throat and push me back against the mirror, making me hit my head quite hard.
"Katie don't fucking touch me like that or I will fuck you up, I don't care if you a girl or not don't fucking play with me". He said looking mad as hell, I laughed saying " You won't do shit, you a bitch" he looked so frustrated.
He snatched my pants and panties off and bent me over the sink counter before smashing his dick inside me, I was so taken back I couldn't say no because I wanted this but I couldn't show him that.
"Gelo we can't do this" I said while trying not to moan, he pulled my hair back which caused my head to go back against his.
"Shut the fuck up and take this dick" he said seriously in my ear.
I was a moaning mess but was trying so hard not to show the effect he had on me.
I could feel myself going over the edge and thought he was slowing down but little did I know he was just getting started. He fucked me so hard and I craved it, he began to pull out and turned me so I was facing him and lifted me into his length before pushing me down while his arms held my legs and pushed me onto him.
After a few more minutes and positions we both came and I felt so little because of how good he made me feel.
"I still hate you" I said walking out.

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