Chapter 3:

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Chapter 3:

            “So… Your Niall Horan, from the famous boy band One Direction?” I asked, Stil not believing my eyes.

            “So you believe me?” he said looking up at me with a grin

            “Uhm, unless you’re a huge computer geek and can hack into famous people’s twitter accounts just to impress a girl, I think I believe you.” I said with a small smile.

            He gave me a smirk, and settled back into his seat. “So…” he said after a few minutes “Tell me about yourself.”

            I looked at him with disbelief, “you mean you actually care, Mr. Worldwide Superstar? I’d much rather listed to you about your life on the road and how it feels to  have mostly everyone reconginze you, well except for me.” I gave him a shy smile. He must think im so stupid for not reconginzing him, he did have 6 million followers on twitter. 6 million, and 1 I though to myself as I clicked the follow button on my phone.

            “No, really I’d like to hear about your life, it sounds normal and not as hectic as mine is.” He gave me a cheeky grin, wow he really knows how to wow the ladies I thought with a giggle.

            “Where do I start?” I asked him, wondering what exactly he wanted to know about my life

            “Start with your family.” He suggested

            “Okay..” I thought I might as well get the touchy subject over with. “I’m an only child, that I know of.” I told him, “My mom got knocked up when she was 16 and left me at my aunts house and never showed up again.” I looked at his face, and I could see he was trying to cover up the shock, might as well shock him some more I thought with a grimace. “My aunt didn’t really want me, so she raised me like a neighbor until I was 5. She didn’t read me beadtime stories, she didn’t sing songs with me, she bought me only what I wanted and didn’t buy me more than one or two toys a year. I had a pretty bland childhood.” I didn’t really want to keep going after that, but I forced myself to tell him, I’d never see him again after this so why would it matter?         

“Then my aunt got pregnant. She was four years older than my mom, so by the time she got pregnant she was 25. She didn’t want to have to deal with two kids, so she gave up custody and took me to an adoption home. I lived with foster parents for the rest of my life. I wasn’t a trouble child, just nobody seemed to like me. I lived with a family for a few months, then off to the next one.” I peeked over at him, and it looked like he was thinking deeply. “The longest time I spent at a foster home was when I was 15. I lived with them until I was 17. They were nice and loving and caring and loved me for me, not just that they’d get a tax break by taking me in for a while.” I stopped, trying to hold back the tears. I hadn’t told anybody this story ever before in my life, I had no idea why I was opening up to stranger more or less, a famous stranger that could go publicize this story faster than I could say ‘no’.

“So what happened?” he asked

I looked outside of the window. Did I really want to tell this guy that I met a few minutes ago what truly happened? Yes, I did. He made me feel safe, he made me feel calm, and he made me think that he wouldn’t judge me if I told him the truth. But I just couldn’t face it.

“Something bad.” I couldn’t tell him, I couldn’t think, and I most definetly didn’t want to feel guilty yet again for what had happened to Pat and Kevin. I let out a shaky voice. “after that, I got a full ride to college, and met Lydia.” Pointing, to my best friend’s sleeping body “and that’s it. Shes all I have left now. So, tell me about your life. Its probably better than mine.” I said with a fake smile. I could never shake the feeling of guilt. It wasn’t my fault what happened to Pat and Kevin, but in a way it was.

Niall told me about his friends, his bandmates, his family and I listened, but not like I should. I laughed at the funny things, remorsed at the sad things, but I just felt like I was going through the motions. Niall knew more about me than anything, and in 10 hours he would be out of my life forever and I knew I coulnd’t face that.

AN: So... super short chapter! It's sort of a filler, sort of not, I somehow had to get her background in and i feel like this was a good ending of something really short! :/

Everything so far, i had already written so it was just me transfering everything over to Wattpad, but now i actually have to work and write the rest! Blehhhh. Wouldn't it be easier if everything i thought just somehow translated into a story? Yupp. I'd like that!

Again, Thanks for reading!

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