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   The sun peered through the curtains shining in my barley open eyes. I rolled over to see empty space, and a small piece of paper torn from a spiral notebook with harry's handwriting sprawled across it. I moaned,  frustrated that he wasn't here with me and picked up the note to read it.

     " went out, be back around 2. Niall is still downstairs xoxo" Great. I'll just make the best of the day and spend it with Niall or something.

        I got up out of bed and put on some pants, so I could go downstairs and make breakfast. As soon as I got downstairs I saw Niall already making breakfast.

        "watchu doing?" I asked clearly aware of what he was doing

         "Uh, making breakfast, pancakes to be specific"  He said as he turned to face me

         "better share!" I said in a jokingly way knowing how he likes his food. He walked over and stood in front of me.

        He got dangerously close and began to grab something on the counter behind me. I looked up and stood there hopelessly. our eyes met for maybe a beat too long. but I couldn't tear my eyes from his beautiful blue eyes. For a second I couldn't stop thinking about pressing my lips to his soft pink ones. No. I shouldn't be thinking these thoughts, I have Harry. He leaned closer and grabbed what he needed. Tea bag. Of course. Not a kiss, a tea bag.

          "What's wrong love?" He asked pretending like he didn't just take any part in that moment.

           I just brushed it all off my shoulders and spoke "Nothing! we need to go girl scope for you!!"

          he just looked at me and laughed  "alright."


          "What about her?" I asked as we sat a small table in the mall's food court.

           "Nah" he looked at her disapprovingly.

           " You're never this picky!!" I said exhausted after pointing several pretty girls "I give up" I let out a small sigh.

            "You're just picking out the wrong ones. See her over there" I nodded as I looked and a girl with perfect brown curls sprawled against  her back.

              "Go talk to her!!" I said as enthusiastically as I could. Before I could say anything else he walked over there.

                 I could'nt hear there conversation from where I was, but I saw enough. They talked for a bit, she smiled a lot, maybe too much, and gave him a small slip of paper, probably with her number on it.  When he came back to me he proudly waved it in the air.

          "Congrats, now can we get out of here? As much I love shopping, I hate this place."

         "Sure, Harry should be home soon"


     As we walked back in to the house, I turned to Niall and asked him why he never slept in the guest bedroom.

          " I don't know I guess I never think about it when I'm over"

           " Well you might as well make it yours. I'm not saying you can move in......" I trailed off thinking about what I was saying. "Actually you should, ya know move in, I mean i'ts not my house but your always here anyways and I'm sure Harry wouldn't mind at all"

             "You really think that be okay?"

              "Ya, I mean invited myself to live over here, technically" I said leading him into the guest room. As I turned the light, He looked around. I walked over to the bed and sat on the edge. He walked over to face me. Please, Not another weak moment. I don't think I could take it this time.  He brushed a strand of hair out of my face and looked me in the eyes.

              "this means a lot." He said leaning closer.

             "Not my house, I dont know if you can move in"

             "No, for everything"

        Our lips came closer as my heart rate became faster. This was bad. I could feel adrenaline pulsing through my veins, only drawing me closer to him. He pressed his lips down onto mine and as soon as I caved in and began to kiss him back I heard something.

               "Lacey??" I heard Harry call out from the living room. Our lips pulled away quickly and he stepped back  a couple steps.

                    He walked into the guest room unaware of what just happened. "Whats going on? Party in the spare room?"

     "Well we were just thinking If Niall could move in here with you. I think It'd be good for you two. You know it'd be fun your have your best friend right here in the house. You know if its okay with you?"

        " I don't see a problem in it" He replied bluntly as if Niall already lived here which he practically did.

        " Thanks so much man! Means a lot!"

       "Of course! you can start moving in wednesday" Harry replied happily, as he didn't know he was letting the guy who just kissed his girlfriend, who also happened to be his best friend move in.

           Fun. This is all my fault.

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