"Katie my girl! I might have miss judged you." I looked up at him he must of saw something in my expression cause he clarified. " You are a woman with many talents cooking cleaning fighting for a blessed you have put us in our place. Like we said before most blessed are practically worthless but you my fine woman are amazing and I apologize for jumping to conclusions. The men here have nothing but good things to say about you. I actually found out you trained Marcus and beat all my men in hand to hand." I nodded.

"Yes sir but I have a feeling that a lot of it is exaggerated." He shook his head.

" Demetri and Jake don't praise people who don't deserve it." I looked down the table towards my friends. Jake was telling John something causing him to look at his plate sadly and Ashley was hanging onto Jake's arm. Demetri was across from them shaking his head like they were misbehaving children and Lucas was talking to Angelo and Cam about who knows what. As I watched my friends I realized they are my family. I smiled at the thought. "So what is it that you cooked us anyways?"

"The servers didn't tell you?"  He shook his head no. "Oh well the appetizer was alligator nuggets with honey mustard and then there were the wedges." He nodded giving me a curious look. "And the entree was roasted wallaby steak." 

" Really? Those are.... exotic. Have you cooked them before?"

"No were they bad." 

"Of course not you wouldn't see the reaction you do if it was bad." As if on cue another moan came out. I laughed. The desert came out and me and the captain kept talking about the soldiers and what I need to know about the Elders.

" Well if are so against mix blood then why are they so for me?"

" Because even though you are human you are blessed therefore you are valuable that is all I can say."

" Ok.... "

" Hey you ready to go to the clearing?! " John called.

" Yea one sec." I turned to the captain and said my goodbyes before chasing my group down. Marcus and John were at the back door waiting for me and Marcus didn't look happy. "What's up guys?" I was starting to glow.

"Wow Katie you are amazing like that. You look like an angel." John said in awe and that's when I realized this is the first time he has seen me glow. Marcus glared at John but held his hand out to me. I grabbed his hand and looped my arm in John's. We took a step outside and I immediately fell to the ground.


It was black and I was lightly glowing I couldn't hear anything nor could I see anything.

"Hello?" I called. "Freya?" Something isn't right this is like my last dream. The moment I thought it I heard a voice singing softly.

" Shush my girl, I'll hold you forever.

  Shush my love, I'll stand here with you 

  I'll hold you tight and make you mine

 But I will always fight all the others.

I hope you still care 

I hope you will breathe in my love for you

But don't you cry if I leave with nothing

But a kiss goodnight." I was instantly feeling calm to the song. It sounded familiar but I couldn't place it.  It was silent for a moment but when the voice spoke my eyes widened.

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