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{Harry's POV}

"Louis? Mate, where are you? I've been here for almost half an hour. What's taking so long?"

I called Louis twice before he finally picked up, while I was waiting for him in the cafe of the public library, the place we were going met as he helped me get caught up with our project. I texted him to meet me here at 3, and he messaged me back that he wouldn't be late. Not that long ago, seeing that he actually was going to be late, I decided to buy some tea to pass the time.

"I'm so sorry Harry! I just- ugh, hold on." Wow, someone seemed stressed today. In the background, I overheard Louis trying to reason with his mum about something, but I assumed Louis put down the phone somewhere distant from where he was now, so I couldn't exactly make out what they were discussing. I lightly blew on my freshly brewed tea before I took a sip from it. Suddenly, I heard a faint voice that sounded less distant, and of which must've belonged to Louis' mother.

"Maybe you could invite him over or something? Louis, I really have to go. I won't be back until late tonight. You all behave yourselves. Love you."

"I love you too?" He muttered, sounding very irritated as the door closed shut.

"Erm, Louis?" I heard quite a bit of shuffling and then I heard his voice again once he picked up the phone.

"Sorry Harry.. again. I was just talking to my mum."

"It didn't seem like just talking to me."

"Oh, so you heard that?" I evidently noticed the hint of embarrassment in his voice.

"Yeah, I did. It was the only thing entertaining me while I sit here in a very empty, quiet cafe."

He chuckled a bit before speaking again. "Well do you want to come over and work on the project here instead? I'm stuck here to watch over my younger sisters, while my mum goes out on a girls night out or whatever. Well, half of my sisters actually because I'm stuck with the twins since my other sisters, Lottie and Fizzy are spending the night at their friends'. Besides, it'd be awfully nice of you to keep me company, because apparently the majority of my siblings don't want to."

"Of course Lou. That's what friends are for." We laughed together and then it became silent for a moment. "So, I'll be on my way, don't worry. See you soon."

I rise up from the table I was sitting at after ending the call, holding my cup in one hand and Blackberry in the other. As I was midway in the exit doorway, I did a double take at the freshly baked cookies for display. I dug into my pockets and felt the change I received from after I bought my beverage. I stepped backwards and let the double doors close by itself. I suppose I could spare a few bucks..

~ ~

I struggled a bit to press my nose against the doorbell of Louis' flat and I heard it echo from the inside. I heard a bunch of commotion and then I finally heard Louis' voice loud and clear, despite all the other voices I heard. The latch of the door removed and the door clicked open. A cheerful Louis stood in front of me, with a young, short blond girl who stood at his side. His expression turned confused as he pointed at my hands. "What are the tea and cookies for?"

I started grinning, cheekily. Glancing at the small white paper bag I was holding, I extending my hand out for him to take it. "For you and your sisters. Well the tea I bought for myself, but you can have some if you'd like."

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