Beau's POV-

I remember the day I met Charlie like it was yesterday. It was at the beginning of my Sophomore year. I was at my best mate Daniel's party. He told me about this new girl from American and how he was going to try and get with her. Daniel was quiet the player back in those days. I was walking into the living room to find a set when I saw her. Time seemed to stand still for a moment. We exchanged looks, her big blue eyes met mine. I decided after a while that I should go over to where she was and talk to her when I remembered that Daniel was trying to get with her.

"Skips, mate, whats the new girls name?" I asked him.

"Well they call her Charlie, I guess Charlotte is her name though."

"Charlie huh? Well, you dont mind if you know, I go after her do you? I mean you can have any girl at this party. Charlie really stands out to me, you dont mind do you?"

"Sounds to me someones got a crush huh?" he said making me go red.

"NO! I just.. I think she is cute and I would like to get to know her, also she's got a nice bum that I'd like to get my hands on." I had to say that so he wouldn't think I want to get serious with her.

"Sure thing mate, shes all yours."

I started walking to where she was last, but I couldn't find her. I searched the house but she was no where to be found. After waiting around for about an hour I decides I better get going home so I left. As I was walking out I saw her, outside in the cold all alone.

"Excuse me miss, but why are you outside all alone?" I ask shyly. Charlie is the only girl that has ever made me feel shy.

"Oh, well you see, I'm not much of a partyer and I'm new here and its just odd for me you know?"

"No, I understand. You said you're new here? Well where you from?" I knew already but I just wanted to start a conversation with her.

"Florida, its a state in America. I'm Charlie by the way."

"Beau's the name," I dont know why I said that. Now that I think about it I must have really sounded like a dumb douche.

"Florida huh? Wow thats a long ways to move, why would you have done that if you dont mind me asking?"

She was kinda thrown back a little I guess then she replied "My parents are traveling photographers. It was either here or Africa and I thought I would fit in better here."

For the next hour we sat outside in the dark talking. It didn't take long till she became my best friend. Spending hours talking on the phone at night. Hang out on the weekends. Then came the day I asked her to be mine. My brothers really pissed me off. I mean I wanted to kill someone. I took off without a word. After about 20 minutes of walking I found a bench and decided to sit and think. I had been sitting for more the 10 minutes when out of the corner of my eye I saw someone walking up. It was Charlie.

"Whatcha doing all the way out here sweet cheeks?"  I dont know why but she always called me sweet cheeks, I liked it.

"Charlies? Oh, hey. My brothers really pissed me off tonight. Started some shit about our dad not being in our lives, I don't really remember and I dont want to."

"Well, is their anything I can do to help ya?"

"Stay and talk to me?" I said with the most awkward smile ever.

"Of course sweet cheeks!"

We sat there, on that bench, for what seemed like forever. I didn't even noticed it was dark. Then, without thinking, it came out. "Charlie I would like it very much if you would be my girlfriend," I turned red, Charlie made me be serious and I hated that.

"Wow. Shit got serious fast.. You dont have to answer that." Her jaw dropped then she quickly covered it with her hand. She stared giggling. She giggled hard.

"Well dont laugh at me," I said to break the tension.

"YES..Yes a million times yes!" Then she kissed me hard. So hard that my lips started hurting.  So we just sat there, in the dark, holding each other. After a while my mom came looking for me.

"BEAU PETER BROOKS! WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? AND WHO IS THIS?" My mom was trying to sound concerned but she knew where I was.

"Hey mom.. Jai and Luke just really pissed me off so I took off. And this.. This is my girlfriend mom." Charlie looked fluted. She was really shy.

"Well hop in I'll take you guys home." We started down the road.

"Oh wait! I forgot my purse!" Charlie yelled. She was always losing, forgetting, or dropping thing. We went back and got it.

"So, where you from? I notice you have an American accent."

"First I'd like to say, hi I'm Charlie Thompson and I'm very shy if you can't tell," she said with a little giggle, "and I'm from Florida. My parents are nature photographers and we moved down here."

"Well isn't that lovely. Oh and hi Charlie, I'm Gina and I'm very outspoken, thats where Beau gets it from." I turned red.

"Hey mom can you turn the radio on?" I had to make my mom shut up some how.

Then there it was, our song. "Oh my god! I love this song so much." She then began to sing it and soon I joined in. " MAKING MY WAY DOWN TOWN, WALKING FAST, FACES PASS AND I'M HOME BOUND!" Yep.. A  Thousand Miles is our song.  And from right then and there I knew that I wanted it to be played on every special event in our life.. Together."

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