Next morning !:)

I stayed up late last night texting roc but I fell asleep on him and I woke up and found my babygirl with a tray in her hands for me(lixi did the same thing for dri)

Mel:mommy I have something for u!

Mony:awww wat did u get me

Mel:not from me but from rocky moutain

I was like tf the girls know they not suppose to open the door with out an older person. Their are so crazy ass people in the world I dont give a fuck if its their daddies

Mony:honey u know ur not suppose to open the door without an older person

Mel:mommy I know that aunty Naii was at the door with me

Mony:oh ok good

I saw a note from roc. It was saying he wants to wants to have lunch with me,dri,prince and the girls and we all can hang out for the day. Since he said we all meet at 12:30 I had extra time to get me my baby ready.i first picked up mel and we went to the living room and everybody was there watching tv.

**skipping this part**

It was 11:20 and I am washing the dishes and was about to get mel ready.

Dri:do u think we should let them back in are life?

Mony:well I dont know yet but we can try

Dri's pov

I been thinking should I let princeton back in my life. I guess I should do this for my child. I had to get ready.

Mony:im about to go bath the girls ok?


**skipping this part**

Ok me and mony and the girls was ready

We got in the car and drove to the sandwich shop they told us to meet at when we got there they was in their car and then we all got out and I knocked on their window.

prince:heyyy*smiling big*


Mony's pov

I got the girls out of carseats and we walked to their car

Mel:rocky moutain!!!

Roc:hey baby girl *picking her up*

Prince:hiii lixi*picking her up*

Roc:hii mony

I just wave

Prince:well me and roc thought that me and dri and lixi should go in are car then mony,roc and mel go in yall car


Roc:*bend down to their level*guess wat we got u both!


Prince:hold on for one min*goes to the car and pulls out two puppies one dog with a hot pink doggy tag and the other with a blue doggy tag*

Me and dri mouth opens and we look at each other

Mel&lixi:we love so much !!!!

they are really trying to make things work


Sorry this short but comment and vote please. School starts soon hehe...but did u guys hear about the girl who said prod mom is ugly lik really wat did she do to u? 


Pic on side is Audrianna's sister

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