"I hear the new inmate's more psychotic than the Joker," a man exclaimed, turning to look at the clown prince of crime who sat a few tables away. Joker just glared back, an evil smile twisting up his face.

Arkham had been buzzing for weeks about the new inmate that was supposed to arrive today. Apparently, this person was lethal - a top secret government project of some sort. Scarecrow had scoffed at this.

"They are blowing things out of proportion; letting their imaginations get the best of them. It's probably just some psychotic muscle head," he muttered to Joker, as he looked out over the recreation room. Joker was barely listening though, because he had noticed a few guards exit through the front entrance, everything about them radiating nervousness. Had the newbie arrived?

A minute later he received his answer.

Everyone fell silent as the double doors swung open, revealing two guards who marched into the room. They were followed by a person in the normal hospital attire, an orange jumpsuit. The person was flanked by four guards, all of which looked jittery. Lieutenant Gordon trailed behind the group.

Everyone's jaw dropped as the guards stepped away, allowing a good look at the newcomers face.


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