Chapter 2

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My hearing was the first thing that recovered from my blackout. Breathing and the occasional snore were heard. I was frightened that it would be the Orange Man, and my body instantly stiffened. I didn't move and the breathing didn't change. I slowly cracked open an eye and looked around, I was in my room. I didn't see any blood red anywhere or a tall orange man. I opened my other eye and started to push myself up on my bed then I noticed the heavy weight on my feet as Mieshka. I sighed heavily in relief that the snoring and breathing were coming from him. I gave my room another once, wasn't there blood covering everything? I asked myself. I slowly eased my feet from under Mieshka and got up and went into the bathroom across the hall. I flicked the light on and that's when I panicked. I was covered in blood, from my bare feet to just under my chin and in my hair. The only part of me that had no spec of blood was my face. I felt a scream resting in my throat just waiting to come out through my lips. I didn't know what to do, I could smell it now, that coppery iron smell and the wetness, oh god the wetness it wasn't like I was soaked from coming out of the pool, it was thick and starting to congeal. I felt like I was going to puke. I ran into the shower and turned it as hot as I could get it and on full blast. I started to cry, who would do this, why is my room clean yet I'm covered in blood? The water going down the drain slowly turned from a dark red to a light pink and then it was clear, I just stared at the bottom of the tub letting the water pound against the top of my head.

I started to strip my soaked clothes off letting them hit the back part of the tub with a hollow thump. I grabbed my shampoo and conditioner and scrubbed my head and hair raw, then my body with soap and then finally my face. By then the water was cold and I didn't care, I felt numb. I came to the realization that my parents are gone then and that all of the blood from earlier was real. The man. With a realization I shoved the shower curtain to the side and grabbed the towel hanging from the shelf and threw open the bathroom door and ran the short way to my parents' bedroom. I saw no one but went further into the room to their bathroom door and opened it, still on one. I felt so emotional. What the hell is going on? I walked out of my parents' room and into mine to be confronted with bright violet eyes. I froze mid step, took a deep breath and screamed as loud as my poor little vocal cords could. I flailed my arm that wasn't holding up my towel and slapped the man in the face and ran down the hall through the kitchen and into the garage. I slammed the door behind me and grabbed the keys off the hook to the 2010 Honda C-RV.

I jumped into the drivers seat, pushed the button to open the garage door and started the car. I was in reverse when the door into the house slammed open and and gave the C-RV a menacing glare. His gaze then leveled on me. I knew instantly that he was evil, pure evil, the skin around his eyes started to crinkle and a smirk appeared upon his lips. "Come here little kitty, kitty..." he said. I squeaked and slammed on the gas, pulling into the street praying that there were no oncoming cars. Luckily there wasn't and slammed on the brakes and shot the shifter into drive as the man came running out of the garage and almost in front of me as I drove by the house. I gave a massive sigh of relief as I drove down the street heading towards my best friends house hoping to steal some clothes from her and praying that I didn't get stopped at a light so no one could see that I just had a towel wrapped around me.

I guess my luck wasn't that good today because yep, you guessed it I got stopped at light and to top it all off was that there were two cars in the left turn lane. The guy in the first car gave me a surprised look then stared at my obvious cleavage. My face heated up as it turned bright red. Come on light turn green! When finally it felt like it had been hours it turned green and I barely controlled myself from slamming on the gas. I drove four more blocks then turned left onto Sarah's road, I stopped in front of a soft yellow house with white trim. Parking the C-RV I quickly looked around making sure there wasn't any obvious onlookers and shot out of the vehicle to knock repeatedly on the front door yelling Sarah's name. After a few knocks Sarah answered with a warm smile which then turned into one of puzzlement as she took in my attire.

"Umm Caraline, what's with the get-up? I thought Halloween was four months away, but it's good that your thinking of ideas." Sarah giving me a wink and then saying, "I think streaking would also be a good costume too, very economist!" she burst out laughing.

"Sarah please just let me in, I need to tell you something" I begged.

"Oh come on! Look at all of those sexy looks every hot guy that drives by is giving you" she teased.

"SARAH!" my face turned bright red.

Opening the door further I entered into house walking down the short hallway into Sarah's room and digging through her dresser for clothes. I pulled a pair of pants and a plain green t-shirt out and put them on. Walking out of Sarah's room walked into the kitchen noticing the stranger sitting at the bar with a glass of water. "So Sarah I need to talk to you...about certain events that happened" I hinted to her. She gave me a confused look and turned to look at the man that was to my right. This confused me and I turned to look at the man myself only to freeze in my spot. Orange. I saw orange, orange pants and orange shirt. A scream cam out of my mouth as the man turned his slate grey eyes at me.

"It looks like we meet again Caraline though this time our circumstances are a bit better" he smiled.

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