Chapter 8

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Chapter Eight

Tom and Kelsey and Milan and Zayn all went on a double date tonight. “Well, we are going to the beach. See you guys later.” Milan said and she walked away with Zayn. Tom and Kelsey sat there hand and hand just talking to eachother. Their eyes barely left the others.

“I didn’t know that when we moved here I would fall so hard for the most beautiful girl in the whole school. Kelsey, I’ve fallen for you.”

“Awe Tom, you are just too sweet. I’ve fallen for you too.” Tom smiled at her.

“Good.” He got up and walked behind her. “I got you something. A cold chain fell across Kelseys neck. She picked up the end and saw a little diamond heart.

“Tom! It’s beautiful!” Kelsey jumped up and hugged him. She kissed him over and over again.

“Come on babe, let’s get out of here.” Tom grabbed her hand and they walked out the door.

“So are you ready for this?” Milan asked Zayn.

“No, but I’ll do it anyway.” Zayn grabbed Milan’s hand as they walked into the water. They continued to walk until the water was up to their chests.

“Let’s learn to float. Lay back.”

“No. I’ll drowned.”

“Zayn, look at me. I’m not going to let you drowned. Trust me babe.” Milan smiled and Zayn sighed. “That whole bad boy thing is just an act. I like this you better. Now lay back.” Zayn lay back into her arms.

“Don’t let me go.”

“I won’t. You need to relax though.” Zayn let himself relax. “See you are floating.” Milan smiled. Zayn stood up and kissed her softly.

“Thanks babe.” Milan spent most of the night teaching Zayn to swim. He kept distracting her with kisses.

“We aren’t going to get anything done if you keep doing that!” Milan laughed. Zayn kissed her again.

“Bummer.” He pulled her close and they started making out.

“So, since I am yours tonight what are you going to do?” Louis smiled at Harry.

“We have all night to do whatever. Your family is out. What do you want to do?” Harry winked at him.

“I want to…… Watch Forest Gump!”


“Yupp. Louis put the movie in the pulled Harry next to him on the bed. The movie started and Louis looked at Harry. “When your mom said I’ve known you were gay for a while you didn’t say anything about not being gay.” Harry wrapped his arm around Louis and Louis immediately put his head on his chest.

“Mom knows best.” Harry said

“What? You said you weren’t gay.” Louis looked up facing Harry.

“Nothing else has felt right Louis. I’ve slept with many girls and none of them felt right. Only you feel right. So maybe I am gay. All I know is I just want to be with you Louis. I don’t want to ever lose you. I’m not scared of being called gay anymore I’m just scared of losing you. I’m scared you are going to find someone better than me and leave.”

“Hazza, I’m never leaving unless you want me too. There is no possible way that there is anyone better out there than you. You are perfect.”

“Boobear.” Harry whispered.

“How did you hear about that?”

“Someone told me.” Harry bent down and kissed Louis softly. Louis wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled Harry down with him. “Not even halfway through this movie.” Harry laughed

“Did you really think I wanted to watch a movie?” Louis smiled. Harry ran his hands up Louis’ shirt and slid it off. He placed his hands on his chest and kissed Louis even harder. Harry wrapped his arm around Louis’ back telling him to come up. He arched his back and Harry slowly slid off Louis’ pants never breaking contact. Harry came back up making sure to rub up against Louis’ now hard membrane.

“Are you sure?” Harry asked. Louis nodded and pulled Harry’s shirt over his head. “We don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“You are the one who sounds like you don’t want too.” Louis laughed

“Of course I do.” Harry said kissing down Louis’ neck and body leaving many red marks. Louis had never been in so much pleasure just by someones mouth. Harry used his teeth to bring down Louis’ boxers. He came back up teasingly. He looked up at Louis. He put his mouth over Louis’ membrane and started to suck. Louis’ head flew black in pleasure. Louis hands clutched the bed sheets.

“Harry.” Louis moaned breathlessly. Harry loved the sound. Louis came and Harry swallowed then came back up to meet Louis. Harry smiled at Louis and kissed his sweaty forehead. There was a knock downstairs and Louis groaned. “Seriously. Who is here?” Louis pulled on some pants and walked downstairs.

“I’ve been callin- holy crap! What happened to you?” Kalandra said at the door. “Actually, no. I don’t want to know. I’m leaving now.”

“Kalandra wait! What were you calling for?”

“I was going to see if you wanted to come babysit with me and when you didn’t answer your phone I got worried. Now I know why you haven’t answered your phone. Well, have fun.” Kalandra laughed and Louis walked back upstairs. He jumped back on the bed and pulled Harry’s pants off his legs.

“Who first?” Louis asked.

“Condoms?” Louis threw Harry one and waited. Harry looked up and smiled.

“Now, where were we?” Harry smirked.

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