Bested by Gryffindors

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The ending of the conversation was a second away from being rung when she slid over the schedule towards me, but I reacted fast. "Wait, wait," I said hurriedly, standing from my chair and looking thoroughly conflicted. "My choice of career in the years to come is to study business—"

"Particularly because you have a dynasty of business corporations to run in your future. Yes, Mister Malfoy, I'm aware."

I frowned at her momentarily. I wasn't going to study business because I had the Malfoy businesses to run! Yes, it was an inherited duty that I take over them once my father retires, but it's also something I'm generally interested in. The Headmistress' stereotypical thought was not appreciated.

"Anyway," I had to control myself not to snap since I still needed her on my side. "I really do think I can afford to drop Divination for Muggle Studies, Professor. I won't be needing Divination for the field I plan to study, and neither Muggle Studies for that matter, but the latter can really prove beneficial."

"How so?"

Fuck. "Erm, well... I do think that Muggle Studies will influence my lifestyle in the years to come."

She rose a grey, barely-there eyebrow at me. "You plan to integrate yourself in muggle society?"

"I'm inclined to, yeah." Even though I responded that, did I even know if that was true? I mean, Rose never discussed moving into that house her grandparent's left her; nor did I feel inclined to learn all about muggles and their ways before. Why was I doing this? As I precaution in case Rose wouldn't ditch me if she somehow thought I didn't appreciate the fact that she has muggle blood in her, or was I doing this to shut James Potter's mouth? "...And because, thinking broadly here, Professor, I might even want to expand my family's corporations to the muggle world." (Yes, that was a better, believable answer.)

"If you were ever to do something like that, Mister Malfoy, you will be making history." The woman relaxed into her royal-looking chair as she pulled back my schedule to her. "You're father has been working hard for years to restore your family's name, and he's done admirably in doing so. Draco Malfoy is a changed man, that I am aware of, but you, his legacy, will further prove that he had redemption and a good heart. He's raised you well."

I deflated, sagging back onto my chair. The old witch was giving me her dim smile, her words actually complimentary, and I felt like a complete twat.

It'd be a lie if I didn't say that I've tried to make my own choices and personality differ from that of my father's during his time at school. It isn't easy being a Malfoy on some occasions, especially when there's people who don't move on from the war, who still mourn what they lost, and who still point fingers at the people who were responsible for that destruction toll. I got pointed at, glared at, shoved some times, judged for my surname, sometimes not given a chance, and it was hard but not so wounding as I got older. I expected things to get better with time, they had for my father—though not respected in every circle out in the world, he was cared for in the pure ones; by the people that knew he had redeemed himself and was worth a second chance. But with that time, I guess I never really acknowledged the fact that he's worked hard at it.

And I was here for some rubbish reasons, pretending to add to the cause and change. (Fucking Potter. He'll pay for this.)

Before my conscience decided to speak up and make a mess over the one I had already created by not thinking, the door to the Headmistress' office banged open. Turning in an angle, I got a flash of blonde hair and blazed eyes.

"Miss Harper!"

"He kicked me out!" Not bothering to see the old woman's infuriated eyes for such disruption, Nia Harper started shouting with so much feeling and hurt in her voice that if I hadn't been looking at her, I wouldn't have known that it was her. She was never anything but controlled and bossy. "That bloody, poor-excuse of a man threw me out!"

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