Chapter 2

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Present day.

gMom thank you for coming down for the week, I’m dying at work. I'm overloaded. And overly stressed.” 

gOf course, you're my favorite child.” She chuckled, I was her only child. “I'll go grab Mary and her bag and then I’ll be out of here. Now, Sam, you've got to get going before you're late to work again.”

It was true, I had already been late twice this week. I worked below a woman names Jennifer who dressed celebrities for a living. Everyday I would go into work and sit in a room full of fabric and pins and needles. When I got into work today everyone was running around like small children.

gWhat the hell is going on here?” I asked Brian. He was the front desk receptionist and he always knew the dirt before anyone else. 

gJennifer is choosing someone for a big project, but she's not mentioning who is going and what the project is.” 

gAll employees in division six please report to the conference room in building C.” Crap I was in division six. I was one of the first to arrive right behind, Josie who had the desk next to mine and Jennifer who had called us all here. After about three minutes the room was filled and Jennifer began to talk. 

gI have brought you all here today because the company has received a huge deal with a very large performing act.  Now I want nothing but the best of the best for this act and I have made a decision on who I would like to go. Before I name the lucky employee I want you all to know that it is a big step. You will have to go on tour with the act, to be able to dress them during performances, interviews, and big night outs. So... Without further ado, Sam Dawson. Congratulations.” 

Wait she picked me? I was getting this promotion? “Meet here tomorrow during lunch so you can meet the act and get everything you need ready for the upcoming weeks.”

The next day I sat at my desk without doing any work at all up until 12:00 sharp. I walked passed Brian who wished me luck and then walked to Jennifer’s receptionist. 

Before I could even introduce myself, “Jennifer will see you now.”

When I walked into the room I seen Jennifer sitting at her perfectly posh desk with five mens heads in front of her. “Right on time Sam, These boys are your act. Sam, One Direction, Sam.” 

Was she playing a sick joke on me? All five boys stood and faced me, I did everything in my power to not look in Harry’s direction. I shook each of the boys hands before getting to Harry. 

gLong time, no talk, text or Skype Sam.” I should of dyed my hair when I had the chance, then maybe he wouldn't of recognized me and then maybe everyone wouldn't be staring at me right now. 

gYou guys know each other?” Jennifer spoke, surprised. 

gYeah, we used to be friends, we lived next to each other.” I spoke straight out of an old memory.

gSOS!” Louis screamed before Harry gave him a disapproving look. The hell was sos?

gAnyways lets get on with the basics.” 

I was to go on tour with the boys for three months, living in hotels around the country and dress them accordingly. To my accommodation I was given the exception to bring another person with me. The boys were probably waiting for me to mention my best friend who would be more than thrilled to come with. And before I could even say my answer Jennifer assistant opened the door. 

gUh, there is someone here for Sam, and she's pretty persistent.” Jennifer knew, and although the boys were confused and we were in the middle of an interview she spoke “Bring her in.” 

In walked a two foot tall, adorable brown haired green eyed toddler. She waltzed in like it was her own office and ran straight up to me. “Mommy! Mommy! Grandma says it's time for lunch!”

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