Chapter 6

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Harry had himself surround by girls, but he couldn’t get his mind off Louis. He looked through the almost now vacant cafeteria and saw Louis talking to some girl. He couldn’t help, but get jealous. Who was she? He watched Louis smile and laugh until he got over jealous. He stood up and stormed over to Louis. Liam, Niall, Celine, and Miranda watched him go. Harry jerked Louis’ arm back. Louis looked up at him confused. Harry continued to glare at the girl. “Uhm, Rhyanna, can you give us a second?” Louis asked. She nodded and walked away. “Something wrong Harry?”

“Who is she?” His voice was quiet, but angry.

“A friend. Damn Harry, if you are jealous of her then you really aren’t going to like Kalandra.” Louis laughed. Harry’s face lightened up. “I’m gay Harry. I should be more worried about all the girls that surround you every lunch period. I have no interest in girls okay? Now, you friends are staring, so you might want to do something like yell or call me a name.” Louis looked down at the floor waiting for the name.

“No, I’m not calling you a name. Just uhm I’ll see you after school.” Harry smiled then he shoved Louis back softly. Louis rolled his eyes trying not to laugh. Rhyanna walked back over and sat next to Louis.

“What was that about?” she asked

“He was telling me yet again how I shouldn’t be gay and how it’s wrong.”

“You know, I didn’t think you would lie to me. I could see you both smiling. What was that about?”

“Uhm, nothing.  I got to get to class.” Louis jumped up and ran to his locker. He grabbed his bag and stood in the hallway for a few minutes before the bell rang. People flooded the hallway and Louis checked his phone to see a message from Zayn. Harry bumped into him and said sorry.

“Did you just say sorry?” Niall looked at him confused.

“Oh it was him. I take that back. Stay out of my way.” Harry replied. If he was supposed to sound angry he didn’t do a very good job at that. He looked up and saw Harry smile at him and mouth “I’ll make it up to you.” Then he winked.

“Celine, we haven’t been out on a date in forever. How about tonight? It is Friday so I’m sure your parents will agree.” Liam said kissing her forehead.

“I would love that.” She smiled “So tell me Liam, where will we be going?”

“That’s a secret love.” They both walked into class and Harry stood in the hallway. He waited for Louis to walk by. He grabbed his arm and pulled him into the janitors closet.

“I’m so sorry. I feel bad about doing that.” Harry whispered.

“It’s fine. I’m use to it.” Louis sighed

“That’s bad, you shouldn’t be use to it.” Harry put his arm around Louis and brought him closer. There was no space in between their bodies. “I said I would make it up to you.” Harry smiled.

“In here? I can wait till later Harold.”

“I can’t seem to though. I want you.” Louis looked into the younger boys eyes which was now flooded with lust again. “It drives me crazy seeing you with other girls. I just want to run over there and kiss you to show them that you are mine. I see the way you walk down the hall and your strut just makes me want you even more. Then I watch you smile and laugh and one of the days I won’t be able to control myself.” Louis smiled “You may laugh, but one of these days you are going to drive me so crazy that I will just have to strip you in front of everyone because I can’t help myself. Stop looking so damn sexy all the time.” Harry pulled Louis head up to his and started to kiss him. “You are mine Tomlinson. No one elses.” His eyes were eager as Harry pulled him even closer. “Mine.” He kept repeating in between kisses. Harry put his hand on Louis’ bum and pushed him closer. Harry started to move rubbing their crotches together. Louis moaned and Harry smirked. He loved the sound and continued. He could feel Louis get hard and he smiled even more.

“You- are enjoying this way too much.” Louis said breathlessly. Harry pushed him up to the wall, but never left contact. “Harry! I’m going to- Harry!” Louis moaned again. “Harold I don’t have another pair of pants!”

“That’s too bad.”

“Not funny!” Harry stopped his talking by kissing him again. Harry fought for dominance in the kiss and Louis gave it to him. “Harry I can’t.” he moaned again. He felt himself let go and come. “Ah damnit!” He looked at Harry who was smiling at him. “This isn’t funny. What am I a 12 year old boy? You weren’t even naked and I still came. I need a new pair of jeans.” Louis sighed. Harry kissed him again and opened the door. Harry looked out to make sure no one was there and they were clear. Louis covered himself with a jacket and walked to his car. “Thanks a lot curly.” Louis joked. Harry softly placed a kiss on him.

“Be back soon.”

“Nah, I’m not coming back. You can come with me if you want.” Louis patted the passenger seat and Harry hopped in. Louis grabbed his hand and smiled at Harry. “I don’t know what it is, but this feels so perfect. Everything with you feels so perfect.”

“I have the same feeling. Our hands fit perfectly together. Our lips are perfect. You are just perfect Tommo.” Louis felt himself blush as he drove away to his house. Harry’s hand never left his. He use his other hand to play with Louis’ hair. “How did I get so lucky?” Harry whispered

“I was wondering the same thing.” 

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