Jamie and Morgan were walking back to Morgan's house. Jamie had her hood up and her sun glasses on. They both carried a two shopping bags. When they reached Morgan's house they put the bags in Morgan's room. Her parents still weren't home.

"I'm gonna get ready." Morgan said as she took the bags with her new outfit into te bathroom.

Jamie sat on the beanbag chair and turned on the television. The channel three local news was on.

"In the latest news, the residents of thirteen Thorne Avenue have died in a house fire." Said Mr. Trelf, the anchorman. "Just last year the residents, Jonah and Rosanne Parker, had lost their daughter, Jamie to murder."

Jamie ran down the stairs and out the door. She had forgotten her sunglasses and her hood. She didn't care if anyone recognized her. She had to see if it was true.


Robert had walked out of Ross's house with Ross close behind. Robert held his head, trying to figure all of this out. But Ross saw what Robert should have.

"Jamie?" Ross said.

Robert lifted his head and saw Jamie run down the street. Ross started running down the street chasing after her. Robert tackled Ross and pinned him to the ground. Morgan walked out as Ross was struggling to get up. Morgan pushed Robert off. Robert got up and ran after Jamie.

"I-I think I saw Jamie." Ross said as he went to Morgan's side and helped her up.

"It wasn't her." Morgan said.

"It looked exactly like her." Ross said.

"It couldn't have been her." Morgan said.

"How do you know? Maybe-"

"She's dead and she'll always be dead." Yelled Morgan. That had been the first time Morgan has ever yelled at anyone. Tears filled her eyes. "She's dead."

Ross pulled her into a hug. He felt bad for making Morgan cry. He never wanted to make her cry. Morgan needed a distraction and she had started to cry to make Ross forget about seeing Jamie. But she also has been holding om all that anger about Jamie's death that it finally came out.

"Are you alright?" Ross whispered.

"Yeah." Morgan said, brushing away stray tears.

"How about we go somewhere now?" Ross said.

"Sure." Morgan agreed.

They started walking down the street. Ross eyed Morgan's stray hand. He smiled and held her hand.


Robert followed Jamie all the way to thirteen Thorne Avenue. Jamie had ran into the house. It was barley standing. The entire house was burnt. Robert walked up the stairs and looked for Jamie. He heard crying coming from a room at the end of the end of the hall.

The room seemed untouched. Only the wall that had the door was burnt. The rest of it was completely unscathed. Jamie sat in the middle of the room crying. Robert sat next to her. He hugged her tightly.

"They're dead now." Jamie said through tears.

"Who?" Robert asked.

"My parents." Jamie said.

Not again. I won't let it. Robert thought nervously. "It's okay." He said. He pulled her onto his lap and held her tightly. He kissed the top of Jamie's head. "They're in a better place now and you know it. Now you can see them again. Whenever you want."

"How come you never go see your family?" Jamie asked. She looked up at him, her tears starting to stop coming.

"I don't think they would want to see me." Robert admitted. "They never exactly liked me."

"Of course they did, they're your family."

"My family wasn't exactly a good one." Robert said.

"Is that why you never talk about them?" Jamie asked.

Robert was caught off guard. "There's many reasons why I never talk about my family. I never saw them as you would see your family." He smiled weakly at her. "But that is a thing of the past and it's better to look on to the future."

"But the past shall never be forgotten." Jamie finished.

"How'd you know that?" Robert asked.

"My grandmother told it to me once. She learned it from her mother and grandmother." Jamie explained.

"You come from a very smart family then. Not many people know the saying." Robert said. "Do you know the very last part?" Jamie shook her head 'no'.

"The past shall live forever in our hearts, if we let it. That's why you never forget about someone you love. Life is too short to let those who you love go and to hang on to things of the past that you can't change. But you can change your future, so make it a good one." Robert recited.

"I could have not gone to the cemetery that day." Jamie said. "But if I didn't I wouldn't have met you." She smiled brightly at Robert.

"You're really glad that you died, just because you met me?" Robert asked.

"Yeah. I am." Jamie said.

The two started to lean in closer. Their lips were a centimeter apart when voices filled the upstairs. Jamie and Robert got up. They both returned to their spirit forms. They peered out the door into the hall. Men in large, black coats were carrying two large coffins. They carried the coffins into a room down the hall.

"Undertakers." Jamie whispered. "They're taking my parents' bodies."

"We should leave." Robert said.

"No. I want to see them before they're buried." Jamie said as she made her way to her parents' room.

The undertakers placed Jamie's parents in the coffins. There was a knocking from downstairs. The undertakers left the room. Jamie looked at her parents. Parts of their bodies were burnt and damaged from the once collapsing ceiling.

"They're missing something." Jamie said.

She walked over to the right side of the bed. She moved the charred rug. She lifted up two panels of wood revealing a secret storage. She pulled out a fancy jewelry box. It was white with golden spirals with a red lotus flower in the center.

Jamie lifted the lid. She pulled out a golden bracelet and put it on her mother's wrist. She took out a silver watch and put it on her father's wrist. She took out two blue gemstone necklaces. She placed one around each of her parents' necks.

Jamie kissed the top of both of her parents' foreheads. She smiled at them weakly. Tears were slowly streaming down her face. Robert came from the door way, where he had been watching, next to Jamie.

"Think they'll be alright?" Jamie asked.

"They'll be back with you, of course they'll be fine." Robert said. "I'll be surprised if they ever let you out of their sight."

"They've really missed me."

"Now they can see you whenever they want."

"Almost." Jamie said softly.

The undertakers returned and put the covers on the coffins and carried them downstairs and out of the house. Jamie watched them put the coffins in the hearse and drive down the street. She wiped away some tears.

Robert came from behind and wrapped his arms around her. "Are you going to be okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'll see them real soon." Jamie said.

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