The Day, That Night, Your Actions

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Chapter 1: The Day

September 12th 2011,

The day I met my love,

The day I finally felt joy,

The day I find my dove,

feeling the peace in my heart.

September 12th 2011 

was the day I met you.

You were working at the coffee shop,

and when I order I asked:

"Why do you work here?"

To try and start a conversation,

And your reply is something that I will

never forget. Your reply was this:

"Those who pick the beans are not mistreated, but respected.

It is something that is not hard to do but a simple thing I look for."

Right then and there, I ask you to take a walk

with me later. You agreed.


Chapter 2: That Night

Shy as a bug was I, 

in the presents of  you.

That night I decide to be me,

rather than a monster of society.

Crying tears of joy on the inside, was I

as I saw you help a man no one else would.

A brown,degrading box on the side of a building,

was his home, as other past you stop.

You asked a few questions, gave him 200 dollars and 

a phone number to call.

Now he owns a company.

That night, I finally saw my world.

That night I saw you.


Chapter 3: Your Actions

 Your actions say more than you know.

Helping a guy you just met, is something

that is rarely shown.

Respecting those who despies you

takes more courage than a 1000 lions,

and I learnt that from you.

Your actions are just one of the reason why

I love you.


Authors Note: I am a poet, so I thought I would do three chapters in every post, even though they are short. I hope they get the message across. Let me know what you think. Love you guys, you are amazing!

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