Chapter 13 *Angel*

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“Hey are you going to come eat?”

    I shook my head.

    Uriel sighed, and re-shut my door behind her.

    I didn’t need to eat anyways.  Just more work for my much unnecessary insides.

    Just like I didn’t need to sleep, but it was nice.

    Laying on my bed, I was grateful Uriel hadn’t turned on the lights.  The darkness was most tolerable for my strong eyesight.

    I placed my hands under my head and closed my eyes, just letting the waves hitting the beach lull me to sleep,


    Next thing I know I’m on my feet.

    “WHAT THE HELL!”  I shouted.  “Why can’t I just get some sleep around here!”

    I yanked my door open and it hit the adjacent wall with a slam.  “It’s two o’ clock in the morning!  Who wants to visit you at two o’ clock in the morning, Uriel?!”

    I stomped down the stairs.  “I swear I’m gonna– .”

    I stopped at the foot of the stairs.  Uriel was standing at the open door, arms crossed.  And in my rampage I didn’t even bother to notice the girl standing behind her.

    From what I could see she was a tad bit shorter than Uriel and she was a red head.  I never did like red heads.

    Uriel rolled her eyes, and stepped aside.

    Red Head had on an off the shoulder green shirt, those tight jeans everyone is wearing now a days, high heels, and she had a duffel bag.  Never a good sign, those duffel bags.

    Her hair was straight and down to her waist.  And finally there was her flawless face, and intense emerald eyes.

    Suddenly, I felt self-conscience in just my boxers.

    “Feisty, this one,” Red Head smirked, crossing her arms.

    Uriel ignored her, but pointed to her instead, and I noticed they could be the same age.  “Samual, this is Scarlett.  Scarlett– .”

    Scarlett stepped inside the house, “ -Samual.  I know who you are.”

    I raised a brow.

    Scarlett laughed.  “Right.  Silly me.  I’m a second generation offspring.”

    She flashed the inner crease of her arm in my direction and I noted the normal scar.  Except it was half it’s usual size.

    “My grandfather talks about you, if that’s what you were wondering.”  Scarlett smirked again, and Uriel shifted awkwardly behind her.

    “Your grandfather?”  I asked, nonchalantly.

    “Lucifer?” She sighed.  “He says hi.”


    Have I ever mentioned how much I love the ocean?

    I turned on the engine of my “new” car and backed out of the space in the beach parking lot.

    Turning on to the main road, I flipped on the radio.  It’s been so long since I’ve actually listened to music.  Luckily, the first thing that came on was pretty good.

    I smiled, and cruised down the road.

    There was still an hour and a half to kill until school, and I wasn’t going back to Uriel’s.

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