Ally & MDZ Part 2!

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Ally had just finished work on Tuesday and her night was free. The Rangers weren't playing until Thursday. So, Ally pulled out her phone and the little piece of paper Del Zotto gave her. Quickly, she typed the numbers in and clicked call. She awkwardly stood in her house, listening to the phone dialing. Ally was silently hoping he wouldn't pick up and that she would have to leave a message, but instead Michael picked up.

"Hello?" he asked. She squeaked a bit at him picking up the phone. "Um, hi Michael," she said, barely even loud enough to hear with her own ears. His heavy breathing on the other side was an indication he was just finished working out. "Who's this?" he asked. Ally knew he didn't know her name, but she said it anyway. "Ally, the girl from Friday's game." You could hear the smile in his voice when he said, "Hey Ally! What's up?" She smiled at his excited tone. "Nothing much, I'm not doing anything tonight. Wanna hang?" He smiled even wider. "Sure! Just give me a half hour. I need to shower. Where are we meeting?" She paused for a moment, think about that. Where should they meet? A club might have paparazzi. A formal dinner was not her style. Then she thought of it. "Meet me at The Molly Wee (A/N real pub a block away from MSG!) at 8 and we'll watch some sports and talk!" she exclaimed, thinking it was perfect. "That sounds great! I'll meet you there." And then he hung up. Ally squealed like a fangirl should when talking to their favorite player. Then she went to work making sure she had the perfect outfit for tonight.  She decided on a nice pair of jeans and a white long sleeve t-shirt. She picked out her brown boots and she put on her coat and scarf. "You can do this Ally," she told herself.  Ally left the confines of her small apartment and went to the subway.

The ride there was quick and she arrived at the pub just a few minutes before 8. She made her way inside and waited for the man himself. He arrived exactly at 8. He was surprisingly on time. She waved him over to where she was sitting. He smiled and walked over swiftly. "Hi Ally." he stated. Ally smiled back. "Hi Michael." He put his hand up and said, "Please, call me Mike." Ally nodded. Mike sat down across from her and order a beer. When they turned to take her drink order, she blinked and just ordered Coke. Mike laughed at her drink choice. "What?" she said, smiling. "Your drink choice is amusing." She laughed and said, "Why is it so amusing?" He smiled and said, "Normally people order alcohol in a pub. It's nice to know you're different." She winked and laughed.

"So, let's get to know each other better. Obviously, you know what I do for a living. What do you do?" he asked. "Well, I work for a salon downtown." He nodded and asked, "On three, our favorite color. One, two, three!" And they both said blue at the same time. "Same color," she said. "Favorite animal?" she asked. "Tiger, I guess." he said. Ally replied with bunnies. "Last two questions: Favorite food and movie?" she said. "Well, as far as food, I'm supposed to say Italian since I am. And as far as movies go, anything with Will Ferrell." he grinned. Ally nodded and said, "My favorite food is Italian, too. We agree there. But with the movie, I like 21 Jump Street."

 Mike smiled and said, "Well, what else are we going to talk about other then the fact that we have a few things in common and we both like each other?" Ally smirked. "Who said anything about me liking you?" Del Zotto winked and told her, "Well, you wouldn't have called me if you hated me." He had her there. "Fine. So what if I like you? That doesn't mean much. Most of the fandom likes you." she answered. He looked at her. "Fandom?" Ally blushed slightly. "My friends and I on Tumblr. Your fans basically."That's wonderful." he said.

They talked some more, and soon it was 2 AM. "Did we really talk for that long?" she asked him. Mike smiled and nodded. "Maybe we do have more in common then we thought." They put their coats on and turned to each other. "I had fun tonight, DZ." she said, practically beaming. "I had fun, too. Maybe we could do this again sometime?" he asked. Ally nodded. And just as she was about to go towards Penn Station, Michael grabbed her arm. "You taking the subway home?" She nodded, confused. "I'm not allowing that. Let me take you home. It's safer that way." Ally went along with Del Zotto into his black Audi. They drove along in comfortable silence. When they arrived at her apartment, Michael walked her to the front door of the building making sure she was safe. "Well, goodnight Michael." He looked up at her, his brown eyes staring into her own eyes. And then he leaned in, making a bold move. It was a quick kiss. He pulled away, then went into his car and left. Ally was left standing there, breathless. "Wow."

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