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My name is Charlotte but everyone calls me Charlie. It was about October 23rd? I was 13 and I was away on this camp like thing and that's where I met him, Niall (he was 14 at the time) the guy who I practically fell in love with when I first lay eyes on him. Ergh!! its so annoying, I didn't want it to happen it just kinda did, ya know. So yeah Niall and I spent the whole weekend flirting and getting to know each other it was great! it also turned out he lived near me it was like fate. But as usual some more attractive girl gets in the way but she actually was perfect she always looked great had a great personality so I couldn't fault her ergh what a pain. 

Right I'm going to skip ahead to November the 5th (bonfire night). Everyone of my friends was there, we all went together and after when all the adults have gone the youth go to the park, where the majority get drunk. So Niall and (sadly) my friend Katie where together but it wasn't 'official' so they where there flirting right in front of me, my heart was aching so bad. But I hadn't told anyone that I liked Niall so I couldn't say anything and I didn't want anyone knowing now that he and Katie were getting together.

Somehow, I honestly don't know how but it ended up just being me and Niall. We decided to go find everyone else so we went on a walk. Drunk people were setting off flairs down the street, He went all macho on me and was trying to 'protect me' it was cute, but he still liked this girl my sought-of friend? This went on for months he would flirt with me all the time we ended up becoming best friends and he went out with Katie. Gutted for me hey?

Its August now and its nearly been five years. I'm starting this story from when I wasn't in love with him anymore, well I thought I wasn't but you'll understand later. Did I mention he was in a band? its called One Direction but they're not that famous well not yet but they are all great singers and have lovely personalities oh and the looks are just a bonus. They will make it big one day I just know it.

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