A Mermaid Saved Me - Chapter 2

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The It's PVO

I took him to my home.

A network of underwater caves that had air pockets inside, dry ground, and light leaking through the cracks in the ceiling.

I lifted him out of the water, resting him on the ground. I could feel myself transforming, changing from mermaid to human... sort of.

He was shivering violently, teeth chattering hard against each other. His skin didn't feel right; it had bumps all over it, making his smooth skin rough.

His eyes were half lidded, drifting around the cave.

He looked like he wasn't all there, weather from shock of seeing me change in front of him or lack of oxygen or both, he still looked worse than an eel with its tale stuck under a rock.

He moaned, and if he hadn't been on obvious pain, I probably would have been struggling to hide an erection from how sexy he sounded.

I got closer to him and pulled him into my lap, wrapping myself around him to try and make him warmer.

He tried to pull away from me, but i held him with inhuman strength, rubbing my hands down his arms, his back, and as he warmed the bumps on his skin went away and he fell limp, asleep in my arms.

Gabriel's PVO

I remember waking up in a cave, then seeing a guy in his birthday suit, then feeling warm, and then falling back asleep.

Ya, I know, I know.

Not very smart!

But I was so tired, and as soon as the warmth started to seep through to my bones, I just drifted off.

When I woke up again, I was alone, and I was hungry. I hadn't eaten since breakfast... whenever that was.

I waited in the near darkness, too afraid to try and escape through the water in case I drown... again.

When I heard splashing, I looked at the pool where i was sure the entrance was, and saw, no matter how much my brain said it was impossible, a mermaid, or man, or whatever.

He was beautiful, black hair that hung in his eyes, pale skin, like porcelain, and he was built like a model, strong, defined muscles, a regal look in his eyes that made him look terrifying and breathtaking all at once.

His fin was as black as his hair, the scales starting just where the hem of pants should go and glistened like mercury in the dim light.

I had a faint image of him, human, completely naked... blush... pulling me tight against his chest, warming my up with the friction from his hands.

He swam over to the side of the pool, pulling himself out and he proceeded to drop three fish in front of me unceremoniously.

I just stared at his face, half shadowed and eerie looking.

"Eat," was all he said, slipping back in the water, but not leaving.

I didn't move.

"Eat," he said again.

Carefully, eyeing him cautiously, I moved toward the fish.

They were uncooked, still scaled, and probably alive only a few moments ago.

But this man didn't look like someone you should ignore, so, swallowing back bile, i picked up one of the fish, holding if in booth hands and opened my mouth and took a bite.

Scales, blood, and raw fish all attacked my mouth at once; I pushed back the nausea and swallowed, and took another bite and another and another.

Finally I had eaten it all. I dropped that fish to the floor of the cave, blood and god knows what else dribbling down my chin.

He came back toward me, propping himself up on the ledge of the pool.

"See, now that wasn't that ba..." He stopped suddenly as I doubled over and began the long process of puking up everything I had just eaten, scales, fish and blood.

I couldn't be sure, but I bet not all that blood belonged to the fish.

When there was nothing left in my stomach, I dry heaved, terrible, close to death sounding. I hated it.

I felt a hand rubbing my back all the while, and realized the man and pulled himself from the water and was sitting by me.

When I stopped trying to throw up my stomach, I turned to look at him.

His green eyes pierced my blue ones, and I almost collapsed in his lap.

Instead I collapsed next to the wall, curling into myself. Closing my eyes and wanting to see the sunlight, he beach, my mom.

The It's PVO (I will change it when I decide on his name!)

He had been in my cave for about a week, and every time I came back to the cave I was afraid he would be dead.

His skin was not the golden color it had been when i had found him, he had lost weight, too much.

His cheekbones stuck out too far and his eyes looked empty and sad. He was weak, barely strong enough to pull himself across the ground to where there was a pool of fresh water.

He could sometimes eat, but not much and not raw fish.

Clams, oysters, I was able to coax him to eat some seaweed when I thought he was going to die any moment.

I thought he was going to puke it back up.

I cradled him at night, trying to keep him warm, trying to keep him alive.

I knew humans were to fragile, but I didn't want to loose this one, the one named Gabriel.

So one day I decided the only way to keep him is give him back to the humans, they cared for their own, but he had to promise to come back to me.

So as he dosed in my lap, I carefully raised him.

"Gabriel... Gabriel."

"Yes," he said softly, his eyes opening, looking up at me wearily.

"Gabriel, I'm going to take you home now, but you must come down to the beach, close to where I found you, and come back to me. Do you understand? For if you do not, the water will never be safe for you again."

He nodded, but I wanted him to say it.

"Speak Gabriel. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I... I understand Bram, I understand."

I slipped into the water, holding his head above water.

"Hold your breath," I told him, and waited till his cheeks were puffed out from holding in so much air, I would have laughed if I wasn't afraid that this dive might kill him.

I dove under the water, quick and deadly. I moved fast through the water, and in only a moment we were at the beach were I had found him.

I swam slowly through the shallows, holding his head above the water.

I dragged him and myself up into the sand, knowing he wouldn't drown by the change of tide.

I laid him on his back, and he looked up at the stars, a small smile forming on those beautiful lips.

I moved some of his hair out of his face so I could look at him better.

"Gabriel, I'll be here until they find you, I'll be in the water. Remember to come back to me. You have to come back to me," there was an urgency in my voice I didn't like, like I NEEDED the human. I ran my lips carefully across his forehead, wanting so kiss him but afraid of taking something from him he didn't want to give

"I will," he said, not more than a whisper, horse and gravely. His eyes closed after that and i slid back into the water, watching until the first morning joggers came out. One thin older woman saw him and started screaming, thinking he was dead, and called the human law enforcement. After a while, men came and carried away from the beach, and away from me. 

"He's mine." I hiss to myself, my tail slicing through the water with a mixture of frustration and possessiveness.  

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