One Stormy Night

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    The sound of the great thunder startled her awake. Another grey stormy night was at the town. She secured herself by wrapping the blanket tightly around her. Closing her eyes, she let out a shaky sigh, listening closely to the sound that calmed her the most, the sound of rain drops.

    She tried to get back to a peaceful sleep, though all of her attempts ended up being a complete failure. The crazy news that traveled around in her town invaded and took over her mind, making her restless. Not for a split second her brain stopped functioning. The news told a story of a serial killer traveling around the neighborhoods during midnight, picking the house he wanted and killing everyone that lived in it. Rumors said that he tortured them in sick ways before killing them. He cut off the electricity in the house and then started pulling one victim after the other without them noticing. That was why she kept the lights turned on in her room.

    Abruptly, while she was being drowned by an endless sea of thoughts, the electricity was cut off and her room swallowed itself with darkness. And as a button got pushed, her heart started racing and a thin layer of sweat started to form on her forehead. She grabbed the first thing that was close to her, which was a heavy trophy she got for winning a contest back in middle school. Her train of thoughts started moving in an incredible speed, she couldn't even take in what her thoughts were.

    In the midst of this mental and physical mess, and as soon as she tightened yet again the blanket around herself, thunder voice had filled her ears, startling her, making her fear increase and she started trembling softly.

    She tried to calm herself, tricking herself into thinking that the power was cut off because of the heavy rain. She listened to the rain drops knocking on the windows of her room. It didn't help her though, her plan completely backfired. The walls suddenly seemed as if they were closing on her, sucking the breath out of her.

    Suddenly, she heard the sound of heavy footsteps coming towards her room. She heard the sound of the wooden floor squeaking beneath the feet. Her heart pace seemed to quicken even more, her breathes came out short. And with every sound the feet made, a memory came to her mind. One when she was seven; her first day at school, when her parents held her hands, encouraging warm smiles on their faces, wishing her the best of luck. Another when she was nine, the time she got her first complete score in science, when she won the spelling bee. When she first saw her baby brother, the way she carried his small petite frame in her hands, looking at him lovingly while making a silent promise to protect him with her life. She remembered her parents, the way they loved each other, the way they looked at each other.

    These footsteps only meant something, her end was coming soon. And it wasn't the happy ending she had always dreamed of. On that horrible and unfortunate night, the killer chose their house.

    The sound of footsteps stopped before it reached her room. It reached the room before hers; her baby brother's room. She listened carefully as she heard the creaking of the door as it was being opened. She was too afraid to move. She thought of ways to escape but failed to think of any. She even tried screaming, but her sound had betrayed her when she needed it most.

    The shrill sound of her brother's scream filled her ear, and that was all it took her to gather what was left of her courage and strength. She tightened her grip around the trophy, and got up from her bed. She strode carefully towards the door. But she couldn't reach it, she tripped over a book.

    Her grip on the trophy loosened, and the trophy fell on the wooden floor before she did. She tried to regain her balance but she couldn't. She fell and her head landed on the trophy. Waves of pain filled her, and she couldn't swallow the painful scream that had escaped her mouth.

    Her hand clamped on her mouth, she tried to keep the sounds of her sobs down. Her eyes pooled with tears and she heard the sound of footsteps coming towards her room.

    She closed her eyes and started to prepare herself for whatever was going to come.

    Suddenly, she felt something sharp on her throat. And in a split second, blood started pouring down her neck. She drew her last breathes and she had found her way to a peaceful and endless sleep…

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