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Taylors POV

The doorbell rang, and all 4 girls were standing there, breathing heavy. I waved my hand and ran down the hall towards my room. Riley following us, as he tried to take in everyones scent. I grabbed my laptop, clicked the dm's and turned it towards them. "Look!", I said with the biggest grin ever.

@onedirection: @Tayw123 Congratulations Taylor, you are the winner of the contest to spend a week in LA, then on saturday go to the our concert and have Ultimate vip passes. And you get to bring 4 of your best buds! Please contact us back so we can send your plane and concert tickets + vip passes. See you guys there! ps plane leaves monday at 8 am :)  -Louis, Niall, Harry, Liam, and Zayn 

We all started screaming and jumping around, fangirling. "No way!", sarah yelled. "I cant believe it!", Amanda said. "Go life!', Paige sang and jumped around. "IM GONNA MEET HARRY!", Allison screamed. I just yelled along with them, and laughed at the crazy we said. This was unreal. I've never been a lucky person, and i've alwasy tried to be good, but hanging with my 4 freaks, that wasnt happening. Luck of the one direction, i guess. "This is the perfect summer! You guys know what Im thinking?", i asked. They grew quiet and looked at me. "Double sleepover!", i cheered. We all agreed that would be perfect. First one tonight at my house and second one at Allisons.


We were all laying on our sleeping bags( which were arranged in a circle, heads in the middle) when we heard our familar notification sounds. I grinned, the boys did my favor. "OH MY GOD, 5/5 OF ONE DIRECTION FOLLOWED ME!", Amanda was first to yell. "ME TOO!", the rest replyed. "Your welcome! I dm'd the guys to follow all of you!", I smiled. We all hugged, and decided to watch a year in the making. After the movie ended. Everyone had fallen asleep, except for me. I was restless. Stupid insomnia. At that moment I decided i would take a shot at something. If i was this lucky to have won a contest and have 5/5 of one direction follow me, then maybe, just maybe, if i dm'd Niall he would reply. I looked at the clock, it was 10. He was probably asleep, since there 5 hours ahead. But its worth a shot.

@Niallofficial(me): Hi, how are you? By the way Im the girl who won the contest.

Ok its sent, i doubt anything will happen. I checked my twitter, nothing. Dissapointed, I got up and got some water and some sleeping pills. I have to get up early for the beach tommorow, so i have to eventually sleep. After laying back down, I checked twitter again on my phone. Once again, the luck of one direction happened.

@ Tayw123(Niall): Hello! im good, cant sleep though...

I swear my life is complete right now.

@niallofficial: Wow, i didnt expect a reply :) Niether can i, isnt like 2 am there?

@Tayw123: 3 am actually. haha,im getting tired now, so im gonna go t sleep! Ill see you and your friends next week :)

@niallofficial: Ok, see you too, good night!

Woah. I can't belive this actually happened. I wanted to stand on the top of the empire state building and scream to the world that Niall just talked to me. I continued to scroll around on twitter, until my eye lids started to droop. The sleeping pills eventually kicked in and i fell asleep.

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